Makar Sankrant is the first festival in India that comes in the English calendar year. The festival is celebrated in the Magha month of the Hindu calendar and is devoted to the Surya deity. This day marks the end of winter solstice and the onset of spring season. Almost every state of the country India celebrates this festival though in their own regional and traditional ways and also region-wise the festival is called with different names. Not only India, even the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Nepal celebrate this festival of Sun God ceremoniously.

Though the different regions of the Indian subcontinent celebrate Makar Sankrant in their own traditional customs and with their own significance, one thing that is quite common in almost every region’s celebration is Til-Gud laddoo. Though it is primarily popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat region, every region includes these two ingredients either separately or together in their own traditional recipes. Til is sesame seeds which is known for keeping the body warm and provides us with vital nutrients and Gur is the fresh harvest of the Magha month. It is possible that this way this combination made its way into the custom of celebrating Makar Sankrant which comes in the winter months or Magha.

Here I am sharing the easy recipe of making Til-Gur laddoo. Though it is quite common and popular among Indians, in case you want one handy, there it is for you. Also to order fresh quality ingredients for making this ladoo, you can order online with oneapp. Download here.


Tilgul Laddoo is generally made in two ways- 

  1. By melting the gur: This process is a little hard for the novices as the laddoo needs to be formed while the gur is still hot and melted which can cause a burn. The experienced ones generally manage the process by dipping their hands periodically in cold water in between making the laddoos. Still the process needs a little more experience to perform safely.
  2. By grinding the gur: This is a relatively easier and safer process as it does not involve melting and handling hot gur mixture to form laddoos. So here I am sharing this process, as this is the process I too use personally.


  • Sesame seed – 1 cup
  • Gur- 1 ½ cup
  • Peanuts (skinned)- 3 tbsp
  • Ghee


  • Roast the peanut over a hot tawa till spots appear. Then break them coarsely into uneven pieces.
  • Roast the sesame seeds in dry tawa and allow it to cool down to room temperature.
  • Once cooled down, grind the seeds thoroughly in a food processor.
  • Then add 1 cup jaggery(gur) in the same grinding bowl and grind together. You may need to add a tablespoon of water to get the bind.
  • Once grinded and blended together, take a small portion and try rolling into a ball. If the ball holds, the mixture is perfect.
  • If not, add another tablespoon of jaggery, mix again and try making a ball.
  • Repeat the process, till the til-gur mixture can be shaped into balls without breaking away.
  • Once achieved the proper mixture, take it out in a bowl and mix the broken peanuts.
  • Now smear your palms in pure ghee and roll the mixture into small balls until finished.
  • And your Til-Gur laddoo is ready.

Hope you will try making this wonderful recipe at home. And oneapp wishes you a very happy and prosperous Makar Sankrant.

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