The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has greatly impacted almost every aspect of our lives. While the experience was not so much of a satisfactory one, it cannot be said that everything about the situation was malevolent. Whatever, that’s a topic of major debate. 

Today, I want to discuss how the pandemic situation has impacted the consumers’ buying behaviour and what can be the possible buying trend in 2021.


Shopping online: Though online shopping is not exactly a direct impact of the pandemic, however, the lockdown situation has given the activity its required boost. Online shopping became the new normal way of buying essential items which made almost all small and big retailers take their shops online to get access to the customers. This trend of online shopping is likely to remain and even get increased momentum in the future. If you own a retail store and have not yet taken it online, take it now easily with oneapp. And the good news is for a limited period of time, starting your online store with oneapp is absolutely FREE.

Digital and touchless payments: Another boost to digitalization is the acceptance of digital and touchless payment systems. Cash transactions posed a huge risk in the transmission of the deadly coronavirus, which kind of compelled the common mass to take interest in the digital payment modes. Not only that the digital payments modes are safer in terms of virus transmission, but also it offers transparent accounts which can help greatly in the reduction of money corruption in the country.

Interest in locally manufactured goods: This unprecedented year showed us how important it is to rely on and develop our lifestyle around locally produced and manufactured goods. Not only does it boost our local economy which in turn uplifts our personal living standards but also the indigenously produced food is more readily accepted into our body and system and helps in supporting our essential immune system. The trend of buying local and supporting small businesses is here to stay and for the greater good of society.

Less expenditure on fancy buys The pandemic combined with lockdown state month after month also kind of pressed the reset button for all of us and showed us in the eye what are the bare essential commodities we need to survive. Also, it proved how important it is to have a contingency plan as the future is untold and unpredictable. The learning is here to stay and not only for 2021 but possibly for the years to come. People are less likely to spend on fancy items and concentrate more on essential goods. Also, downsizing of lifestyle is also very much likely.

Interest in goods with sustainable packaging: The most benevolent impact that the pandemic has laid on mankind is perhaps by restoring its connection with nature. Witnessing how human non-intervention can help nature and the environment to flourish positively, people have now become more aware of their responsibilities towards preserving nature. More and more people are looking for products that are sustainable and come with environment-friendly packaging. This is a major point for the manufacturer to reconsider. It’s time to show kindness to the world, else mass is going to reject downright.

What do you think can be other possible trends in buying behaviour in future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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