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Food delivery services have grown ten folds over the past couple of years. Today, instead of going out at a restaurant, people mostly prefer ordering their food online through a phone call or via an app from their smartphones to have them delivered right at the doorstep. 

Getting your food delivered seems quite convenient  but it also has certain advantages and disadvantages that come with it. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of getting the food delivery service below: 


  • No need to dress up: With food delivery, one can save all the time and effort in decking and dressing up and can enjoy devouring your food even in your pajamas at home. 
  • Convenience: Food delivery is considered to be quite convenient since we can have our food delivered right to our door and we don’t have to do much after ordering them online or via phone call. 
  • Saves time: Having your food delivered at your doorstep can help you save up a lot of time. To eat out at a restaurant, one needs to reach that place, find a suitable parking spot, look for decent seating, place an order and wait until the food arrives. Why wait when you can save so much time by choosing a food delivery service instead. You can utilize the time by doing other things while the food arrives.   
  • Variety of foods: Food delivery also makes you choose from a huge variety of foods.  Many renowned delivery chains offer a large variety of food depending on your mood and you can choose according to your preferences.
  • Food delivery acts as a savior when you have had a rough day: Most people work for longer hours in a demanding job and have very less time to eat. When you leave the office late, most of the restaurants and takeaways are closed and that is when a food delivery service comes handy. 
  • Good for old people: Food delivery is quite helpful and convenient for the older generation in our society. Since, our seniors often suffer from poor eyesight, arthritis issues and many old age health problems, it’s difficult for them to go out everyday. This is when ordering for food online or through a phone call can be of great help.  
  • Suitable for people with disabilities: People who suffer from physical disabilities and may no longer go out can opt for food delivery. They can order their favorite food and can get it delivered at home. 
  • Less risk to get infected by diseases: If you are dining at a restaurant, you are exposed to other people seated and chances persist of catching a flu or other diseases which is of a great concern especially in a post pandemic world. Get your food delivered at home and avoid the risks of getting infected by diseases. 
  • Good for shy people: For those who do not want to go out to eat at a restaurant, food delivery will be convenient for them to have your favorite food without even stepping out from their respective home. 
  • Restaurants can win many new customers: Food delivery is not only a great way to eat your favorite food at home without going to a restaurant but it can also be a great feature for the restaurants to expand their customer base. 


  • Quality differs: A common issue with food delivery service is that the quality of the delivered food may not be the same as eating it fresh at a restaurant.  The distance often plays a part in it. The farther your home is, the more time it will take to deliver the food. 
  • Packaging: Generally the restaurants pack the foods in plastic containers and it is not aesthetically pleasing as it’s nowhere close to getting a well presented meal at the restaurant..
  • Missing the restaurant feel: You often tend to miss out that restaurant feel while ordering food delivery as the ambience of a restaurant instills a good mood. 
  • The delivery person may not be trustworthy: Using food delivery may not be too safe wherever you live. It isn’t much of a problem to use food delivery services in almost all regions but there are certain areas which are not safe to use food delivery services. The delivery person may not be trustworthy and can rob your home. It’s better to not use food delivery services if there have been such incidents in your locality.
  • You tend to get lazy: People get lazy as they don’t need to go out of their homes and also get your food delivered. Not going out often and frequently using food delivery services will not only make you lazy but makes you gain a lot of extra weight. You must practise some exercises to keep fit and healthy in the long run.
  • Food delivery may make you unsocial: You may get socially isolated if you don’t go out much and depend on food delivery services. If you keep ordering food in and avoid going to restaurants or other venues, there are chances that you will lose many social connections in the long run.  
  • Excessive waste production: Using food delivery services increases unnecessary production of excessive waste. The food is mostly packed in plastic containers which are discarded and disposed of into the garbage after first use.  This plastic waste poses a big threat to our environment and using food delivery services makes it worse. 

Which one is your preference, getting food home delivered or dining out in restaurants? Share your views in the comments section.

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