The pandemic situation looks far from over and the annual flu season of India is already here. This junction of winter and spring has always been notorious for being the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria causing flu and inflammation in humans. And this time we have to be doubly cautious given the already ongoing coronavirus infections in the world. So let’s check out five proven Indian superfoods incorporating whom in your daily diet can help your steer through this season untouched.


TURMERIC- Turmeric is a rhizome that is found in many varieties and known for containing curcumin, an antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The usage of turmeric as medicinal herb has its roots in ancient India and has its mention in the Vedas. Turmeric is widely used in Indian cooking as seasoning in its powdered form and also consumed raw with honey. Turmeric milk prepared with freshly pressed juice and milk is popularly taken before bed almost throughout the year in Indian subcontinent and is known to contribute much to the relatively high immunity of the Asian and Indian people. If you aren’t already including turmeric in your daily diet, start now.

GINGER- Ginger is a superfood known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Ginger is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that prevents the growth and propagation of bacteria & aids in reducing pain and aches. Also, ginger promotes sweating thereby helping the body to get rid of bad toxins. However, make sure to stay hydrated while using ginger. Ginger is specially known to fight respiratory infection which is an added benefit against coronavirus infection. Try including raw ginger in your daily diet and improve your immunity in this season.

GARLIC- Due to the presence of allicin, garlic is a super antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal food. It is capable of providing a strong boost to your immune system and helps combat this season most effectively. However, garlic also affects nerves very strongly and therefore should not be overused except when required for an immunity boost. Garlic is high in manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C which not only cures illness but also prevents it from coming. Including raw garlic can be supremely beneficial however if chewing it raw and full is not your cup of tea, try including it in the chopped form in your salad or stews.

LEMON- An excellent source of Vitamin C, lemon is your best friend in building and maintaining immunity. Lemon maintains the pH of the body and prevents bacterial infections. It is also known for maintaining body hydration and electrolyte levels along with being anti-inflammatory and anti-ache. Take lemon regularly along with raw honey and flush out bad toxins effectively from your body. Lemon is multi-functional and in no way should be left out from your diet, flu season, or no.

HONEY- Known as a very positive energy food in yogic culture, honey is known for its varied medicinal properties. Honey is used in several medicinal formulas even in the modern age. It is known as a natural cough suppressant and boosts immunity by increases disease-fighting polyphenols in the blood. Honey also aids in good sleep by increasing melatonin in brain if taken before bed.

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