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Summer is here & so are its delicious seasonal fruits. Be it watermelon, grapes, or the king of fruits, mangoes. But buying your favorite fruits in this crisis time when there’s a steep rise in Covid-19 cases again, one must follow certain precautions before buying mangoes.

Make sure you’re wearing your gloves & masks (ofcourse) when heading out. The hand gloves are essential when you’re out for your grocery shopping. Who knows if someone touched your favourite set of Alphonso after a sudden sneeze? Jokes apart, it’s always better to wear your gloves before you touch these fruits with bare hands. You do not really want to be exposed to all such potential germs & viruses especially now right?

But how do you know if you’re picking out the best mangoes? No, you are not going to sniff them like you generally do. A single touch on the mangoes & you can make out if it’s fresh & juicy, why risk your precious life by sniffing them amidst a pandemic? Also for once, you can rely on your fruit vendor to save the best ones for you isn’t it?  A good mango is supposed to be fairly soft without any spots on its outer surface & mildly fragrant. Even then do not sniff them. You can determine the first two factors for buying the same, at least the infection subsides.

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If you are too picky about not buying your mangoes without checking them, go for an easier option instead. Order them online. Yes, you heard me right! You can choose over a wide range of juicy, fresh mangoes through online apps like oneapp and order them from the comfort of your home. Just order a small batch, if you’re satisfied, treat yourself with more but do not march out happily to get your fair share of mangoes without following necessary precautions.

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Getting the mangoes personally from the market or ordering them online, make sure you wash them really well before consuming. You can use a fruits & vegetable washing solution available in the market to wash off all the germs & pesticides from your fruits & vegetables or just wash them well in cold running water before consuming. Never ever consume your fruits or vegetables without washing them.

Make sure you check each & every piece of mango really well before consuming. A little bite mark or even a small hole is threatening. Throw away the damaged pieces immediately. It’s always better to be safe than get sick from consuming compromised food. Always make it a point to have your fruits in proper conditions.

The king of fruits beckons you to get gaga over its fresh produce but remember, following these precautions will help you in the long run. Relish your mangoes now & be safe. 

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