benefits of lemon, 10 more things you can do with lemons

Lemons are a staple citrus fruit found in every household. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C & are a commonly used ingredient for refreshing drinks, dressings, cooking, garnishing & many other purposes. However, apart from its efficient use in cooking, lemons are quite beneficial when it comes to keeping your home clean & fresh. Let’s find a list of things you could do with lemons:


Clean your kitchen sink: To clean your kitchen sink just cut a lemon in half & sprinkle it with some salt on one half & use it to scrub down your kitchen sink all around the edges & bottom of your sink. It’s natural and free of chemicals, also it adds a fresh fragrance to your kitchen.

Cleans cheese grater: Who doesn’t love cheese, right? But cleaning the cheese grater is an ordeal as the tiny bits of cheese get stuck & hardens. To clean your cheese grater, just run half of the lemon over it. The lemon juice cuts through all the fat left on the grater & cleans it instantly. Hassle-free & quick.

Lightens dark spots: Thinking about how to reduce your dark spots & pigmentation? Worry no more when your pantry is stocked up with some fresh & juicy lemons! The acid in lemons is known to help dark spots & pigmentation fade away. All you have to do is dab a cotton swab or ball in lemon juice & apply it directly to the spot. Wait for the juice to dry for about 15minutes & rinse your skin. Do not forget to apply moisturiser after rinsing the lemon juice. Use it thrice a week & you’ll find a noticeable difference in a few days.

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Detox your body: Did you know that lemon helps us detoxify our bodies. Before you have your cup of coffee/tea first thing in the morning, have a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice & honey in it. Having this on an empty stomach will help your body to get rid of the toxins. The lemon juice is great for digestion & also for your liver. It also helps in losing weight.

Whiten your fingernails: Wearing nail polish often makes our fingernails stained. To get rid of stained nails, rub a slice of lemon on them. It helps the stained nails whiten up instantly & brightens them.

Cook perfect rice: Worried if your rice sticks together with too much starch? Just use some sliced lemons or add some lemon juice to the boiling water before adding the rice grains to it. Not only will you get some beautiful, fluffy rice but it is a little fragrant too. 

Used as dishwashers: All the grease from the oil & butter can go away in a jiffy if you add some lemon juice mixed in warm water over your utensils before washing them with the dishwasher liquids. Simple & fuss-free.

Freshen up stinky bins: Get rid of the bad odour from your waste bins by pouring some baking soda & putting a few lemon rinds at the bottom of your bins.

Helps to remove dandruff: Did you know lemon juice helps to remove dandruff from your flaky scalp? Just dab some cotton balls in lemon juice & apply it gently on the scalp. Leave it for 10-15minutes & wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Don’t forget to use a conditioner too. You may find a noticeable difference from its first use.

Repel insects: Bothered by ants tracking through your kitchen during summers? Most insects, including ants, hate the smell of lemons. Mix some lemon juice with water in a spray bottle & spray it around the corner of the doors & kitchen corners. It will help you shoo off these little insects.

Lemon is a versatile citrus fruit. You can do so much with it apart from adding it to your food & drinks. Make sure you always stock up on this magic ingredient in your pantry. Now you can easily order fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits from your nearest vendors only through oneapp, download now.

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