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Cinnamon is a very aromatic spice and is commonly found in every Indian kitchen. Cinnamon has many nutritional values and is widely used in both medical and conventional remedies. Studies show that the use of cinnamon dates back to 2000 BC in Egypt which later became popular across South America and South Asia.

We must always ensure to procure our spices from authentic sources to gain the best nutrition. Choose good quality cinnamon for better flavour and nutrition.

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Known to control blood sugar level: Cinnamon is commonly known to help control the blood sugar fluctuations in our body by lowering the cravings for sugar and also enhances the flavour in foods and beverages. Also cinnamon has certain properties that allow it to control the absorption of glucose from each of our meals. This process can occur by containing the enzymes which break down into carbohydrates. Some studies show that cinnamon mimics insulin and provides better sugar control. 

Aids in digestion: Cinnamon is famous for its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics. Cinnamon is also proven effective in treating digestive problems for years. Both Ayurvedic and Ancient Chinese medication use cinnamon to treat all kinds of digestive imbalance. It also helps in enhancing the blood flow in the body which provides better outcomes in bodily functions and distribution of proper nutrition. 

Chronic Wound Healing: A common trait found in the most regularly used Indian spices is their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon holds a large part of it. Studies show that the presence of polyphenols in cinnamon makes it an excellent antioxidant. The damage or weathering of tissue in the body happens to be a prevalent problem for many people. It occurs from an undisciplined lifestyle or any pre-existing genetic conditions. Using a small and regular portion of this spice will help in keeping the tissues in check and delay the onset of chronic wounds.

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  • You can use cinnamon as a spice in your meals. When cooking an Indian meal, try adding a small stem of Cinnamon to the oil. This will help to infuse the flavour and benefits into the oil. 
  • You can also use it as a flavouring agent in a hot beverage by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to it. 
  • Try using cinnamon in your desserts. Even if they have some amounts of sugar in them, the use of cinnamon will help you catch up with your requirements. Cinnamon buns, cookies, and cakes are also liked by people.
  • Add a few sprinkles of Cinnamon powder to your fruits. Fruits are a rich source of fibre-containing healthy glucose and antioxidants. Add some Cinnamon powder as a seasoning and you will love the taste.

You must ensure to procure authentic cinnamon from the right source, and you are sure to enjoy its natural and warm flavours. 

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