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“You take care of your wealth by working hard, while we take care of your health by providing you with homemade and wholesome meals” – This is precisely very much the motto of the tiffin service providers in India. Especially in the urban cities tiffin services has gained considerable e popularity among the office-goers and needless to mention it is now very much an industry of its own. Mumbai Dabbawalas are world-famous for their service and that very much marks a milestone in the industry.

Though starting a tiffin service business can be pretty easy and the first workspace can be your home kitchen, however, running such a business was never easier owing to its subscription models and process of multiple orders and multiple delivery locations within one order. It is to streamline and automate such processes and make running a tiffin business relatively easier while also taking care of your payment collections and taxes, onefooddialer came to the market. Know more about onefooddialer.

In this blog, however, we are not going to talk about the business process details but the new age tiffin services that are emerging and gaining popularity in India.


It has started with the humble motto to provide “Ghar ka dal chawal” to the corporate world who are reeling under the time constraint to cook at home and craving tummy-healthy humble food. However, over time tiffin service is changing and evolving with the growing need of its customers. With the Indian population now increasingly adopting different kinds of diets, so are the tiffin service providers developing their meal plans and services. 

Some of the new-age tiffin services that are popular in India now are:

Customized Meal

With more and more lifestyle issues cropping up every day, soon some dish fits all concepts started getting obsolete. People increasingly needed to opt for customized diets to tackle their own issues. Thus came the concept of customized meal services. The tiffin service providers providing such services generally plan meals according to the particular needs of their customers. Say somebody is diabetic, the meal will be provided as such that it takes care of the condition. These services can be a little more costly than regular meals but they are available now.

Nutritionist Consult

As we already mentioned, lifestyle issues are commonplace, people needing nutritionist consultation has grown over the years. The tiffin industry was quick enough to make sure that its already busy customers need not run around places to get their meals certified doctor consulted and then coordinate with them. Many tiffin service providers tied up with nutritionists to provide the service under their roof such that the hassles can be reduced considerably.

Specialized Diet

With the increase in the popularity of the gymnasiums in the country, different kinds of specialized diets are getting adopted by the people now. Keto diet, gluten-free diet, high-protein diet, high-fibre diet, etc. And with these becoming popular, the tiffin services are now extending their menu to include such diet plans. In fact, there are tiffin businesses that choose such meals as their niche and dedicate themselves to catering only to such customers.

Meals for kids

With parents being busier these days, the diet for the kids can really go in the toss which can be a very very harmful and toxic situation in the long run. But worry not when our tiffin service providers are here. Many tiffin providers are now providing kid-friendly meals which are not only healthy and nutritious for their growing years but also interesting and tasty to lure them to food.

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