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Virtual meeting platforms are video applications and software that bring people together over the internet. Usually, this software includes a form of video conferencing which also has tools like chat, reactions and screen sharing. These apps are known as online meeting platforms

This software is extremely essential and can help with virtual team engagement and facilitating virtual team building events. Video conferencing capabilities bring the virtual teams together in real-time.

Let’s find out about the 10 best meeting platforms and software:


1. Zoom:

oom is quite a popular video conferencing platform that is infamous for being user friendly. Registered users can host meetings with up to 100 people by just using the free version of Zoom’s software. It’s coupled with fun features like breakout rooms. 

2. Google Meet:

Google Meet can host gatherings of up to 250 participants, and offers nifty additions like live captions and anti-abuse features. If data security is a priority for your business, then Meet is a perfect option for you, as long as one has a Google Account.

3. Skype:

After facing a setback, Skype is mounting a comeback with video conferencing, making it the perfect time to revisit a familiar software with a cute ringtone. The app now offers meetings for up to 50 participants. The meeting can be accessed by general link and there is no requirement of any registration and download of the software.

4. onemeet:

onemeet is a premium video conferencing facility offered by oneapp. Though mainly introduced to solve the issue of personal meeting spaces for the housing society clients, onemeet later opened to all the oneapp users and was introduced in the app as the onemeet card. At present, up to 75 members can join in one meeting. Download Onemeet

5. Jitsi Meet:

For an open-source platform option, one can customize, and consider Jitsi Meet for the next virtual meeting. This app is secured by strong encryption, the virtual conference software doesn’t cost anything to register, or limit the number of people invited to meetings. With such flexibility, Jitsi Meet offers endless possibilities for you and your team to hold virtual meetings, online conferences and many such things. 

Virtual meeting software is an important tool to connect and work with remote teams especially now. These platforms allow people to use video to chat and collaborate, as well as support useful functionality like chat, breakout rooms and screen shares. 

FAQ’s about “What are the most common online payment systems, and how do they function?

Nowadays there are several online payment apps and then again every business has its own online payment options. So to understand how an online payment system works, basically, there are three components.

  • Merchant account – A business bank account that enables the processing of online payment at the business end.
  • Payment processor – This is generally a bank or a financial institution that settles the payment. It’s the responsibility of a payment processor to check whether card information is correct and to protect you from fraudulent activities.
  • Payment gateway – This is basically an online POS of point of sale. This basically works as a mediator between the merchant account and the payment processor.

This is how a basic online payment process works:

  1. The customer picks up an item and draws their payment card at the business POS.
  2. The merchant/business submits transaction details to the payment gateway.
  3. The payment gateway securely sends the transaction to the processor.
  4. The processor verifies and approves the transaction.
  5. The customer’s bank sends money to the processor.
  6. The processor sends money to the merchant’s bank.
  7. The processor sends the status of the transaction to the gateway – either approved or denied
  8. The merchant receives the message of approval or denial.
  9. The merchant receives the money and the item is sold.

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