oneapp, housing society management software

oneapp comes as one of the parts of the two-part onesociety, housing society management solution. It is an all-rounder mobile app that not only acts as a bridge between society offices and society residents but also is a key to the convenient digital lifestyle for the residents of the society. The residents can manage society tasks like bill payment and raise complaints, get visitor notification, pre-authorize guests, find and order from the neighborhood essential stores, restaurants, and many other conveniences.

Getting started with oneapp is easy. All one has to do is visit and download the app on their mobile device. The app is available on both Google and Apple devices. Once downloaded, simply register with your phone number or email address. After a simple OTP verification process, you will be inside the app, right on the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can tap, activate and start using each service through the specific card. 

Let’s have quick look at the feature card available in the oneapp:

onemeet: onemeet is a premium meeting feature that is available to every oneapp user. Calling a meeting or joining in everything is quick and easy. As many as 75 people can join in one meeting. Society meetings, chatting with your friends and family, a quick catch up with neighbours, now all can be done easily with the onemeet. 

onepay: onepay is your one place to manage and pay all your bills. The app allows you to digitally pay your electricity, telephone, DTH, gas, water and internet bills and also recharge your prepaid mobile phones. The app also has the feature to manage your EMI payments and insurance payments. Now you need not hop from one app to another to manage bills in your household, the only place to go is the onepay card in your oneapp. 

mysociety: The card to get you sorted with your responsibilities and duties towards your home and housing society. Pay society maintenance bills, connect to your society office, raise queries/complaints, download receipts, get notices and circulars, get notified every time a visitor turns up, connect to society gate directly, accept or reject a visitor via intercom & in-app notification right when s/he is at the society gate, pre-authorize your guests for priority entry at the gate, track your domestic helps and staff’s entry to the premises, connect to your neighbours via intercom easily and all from this section of the oneapp. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to set up your society and unit details and then you are there to go. 

Recipe Book: The one place to find recipes and share your own. Find recipes as per your taste, ingredients, bookmark recipes for later referencing. Add your own recipes and share them with others. You can also share links with your friends over messages easily in one click.

onemarket: A section fully dedicated to everything you may need to buy. Just buy online, easy and from the comfort of your home. Groceries, vegetables, pet food, cosmetics, medicines, just feel the need of an item and head straight to oneapp shopping section. You are sorted. The section lists the stores from your neighbourhood. Boosting the local economy and being an economically independent society is the motto of oneapp. Even if you own a store or a business and are looking to sell online, oneapp is the place for you to find all your local and far away customers easily.

Restaurants: This section caters to your taste bud and promotes your local restaurants. Find all your nearby and neighbourhood restaurants, cafes and eateries in oneapp. Order from them easily and get delivered online. Do you own an eatery? You can list your business in oneapp easily and find your customers where they are.

Homestyle food: Where to find tiffin services delivering healthy, homemade meals? It’s here, in oneapp. Find the tiffin services catering to your area, subscribe easily or order a one-time meal, pay digitally and get your meals delivered to your doorsteps. If you own a tiffin service business, get it listed today in oneapp and reach your customers more easily.

Hope now you can easily get started with oneapp. However, if you still face a problem, connect with our support team using the support helpline number in the app.

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