onesociety, powered by oneapp, is a housing society management solution that provides a 360-degree solution to maintain and manage the operations in a cooperative housing society. The solution aims at offering an error-free helping hand to the society managers and administrators and relieves them from certain manual tasks which can easily be streamlined and automated with the help of technology. The solution is well-equipped to handle various nuances of the operation of a housing society, management of income and expenses to full-fledged accounting, managing units to handling complaints and even the digital media presence of your society. 

The solution is totally compliant with the society bye-laws and GST. The cloud-based solution understands and takes care of the privacy of your society and resident data. To ensure utmost digital security, the solution comes with a 3-layered data security system. The solution is built on a dedicated tenant architecture model that hosts each society, premises or business in the individual cloud databases within the server and provides privacy control in admin and as well as member levels.


The solution comes as a two-part interface – the web-based administration module and a resident mobile application. The web-based robust administration module provides management control on various aspects such as billing, tracking the collections, complaint management, vendor, income expense, and facility bookings. The mobile application comes with the name of oneapp, is an all-rounder application for a convenient lifestyle. It is the bridge between society offices and society residents. It’s like a door to the society office that is open 24×7. The residents can manage society tasks like bill payment and raise complaints, get visitor notification, pre-authorize guests, find and order from the neighborhood essential stores, restaurants, and many other conveniences.


Let’s give you a quick walk-through of the onesociety’s web-based administration interface. It is divided into several modules that take care of each operation and several sub-modules to carry out specific functions under the larger task. The dashboard reflects various important figures like numbers of incoming complaints, society’s cash in hand, cash in bank accounts, average monthly expenses, payment due, etc. in a quick glance to keep the society managers updated all the time. 

  • Helpdesk – This module allows handling complaints and queries raised by the residents.
  • Incomes – Here you get to manage all the incomes of the society.
  • Expenses – This module takes care of the expenses of society.
  • Vendors – This module is dedicated to the vendor data and report.
  • Accounts – This is one of the most important modules of the solution. To be handled mainly by the experienced accountants and CAs, this segment takes care of the entire accounting, audit and taxation of the society.
  • Society tab – This tab handles society data that are non-related to finance, say unit allocation, parking management, society’s website, facility management, tenant management and more.
  • Reports – The system is equipped to generate several reports based on the data fed into the system which is tabulated in a systematic fashion can provide several insights which can be used for the betterment of society. All such reports are stored in this segment.
  • Settings – Lastly, the Settings module empowers you to manage and control every aspect of society management and usage of the onesociety solution that way you find it fitting for your society.

If you want to know more about the onesociety society housing management solution and how it can help ease your tasks of managing the housing society, you can claim a detailed demo of the solution now and that too absolutely free of cost. Click here to claim your free demo now.

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