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After about 2 years of remaining shut and inconsistent, the world is slowly returning back to normal, or rather I should say new normal. Schools, colleges, offices and workplaces are opening up much to the hope of the people worldwide. As the offices and workplaces are opening, increasing are the businesses of the tiffin service providers. Tiffin service once again is going to rule the food routine of the working professionals who doesn’t get much time to cook at home yet want to eat healthy, nutritious meals.

However, with the new normal, it is only good that the tiffin meals are loaded with immunity boosters as well. The last two years have really shown us how important it is to eat healthily, exercise regularly and follow a healthy routine to keep immunity up.

Here are 5 basic tips on how to give your tiffin meals an immunity booster.


A dollop of Ghee – Do not forget that extra dollop of ghee while packing your meals. Either drop a spoonful in the rice bowl or slather in the chapatis, make sure ghee is added. Fighting back the ages of the misconception that it is fattening, ghee is one of the ancient, yet newly discovered superfoods to keep healthy, boost immunity, increase metabolism, get good skin and strong bones and many more. Make sure nobody misses their daily dose of ghee on your watch,

Awla Murabba as condiment – Awla or Amla is well-known for its Vitamin C content and its effect on our health. The immunity-boosting ability of Vitamin C is now well-known, all thanks to coronavirus. From drinking lemon water to having awla murabba to suckling in the Limcee tablets, what not we have done to boost immunity in the pandemic. Let’s make sure that we make it a habit to consume a daily dose of Vitamin C to keep our immunity better. You can add awla murabba as a condiment to your tiffin menu. It also tastes yummy.

Whole wheat floors – Refined flours are no good to our health and we know it already. Stick to the whole wheat flours of your tiffin service meal ingredients. Whole grains are rich in starch, fibre, protein and iron. They give a boost to the immune system, make skin healthy, promote satiety and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. 

Replace sugar with jaggery – Ok. no beating about the bush, refined sugar is bad. It ages the skin and organ faster, it increases the chances of having cancer, it increases obesity, leads to heart and liver problems, racks your mental health and more. Just do away with it. Using jaggery, commonly called gur in India, your tiffin meals will instantly go a notch higher. It not only cuts your refined sugar but is already healthy in itself. It helps keep your blood pressure in control and increase the warmth of the body.

Health boosting teabag- Indians have adopted a new habit, probably from Japan, to drink tea (herbal or floral or spiced) with meals. Why not take advantage of the same? You can include a health-boosting tea bag with your meal which they can easily brew by adding hot water and consume along with the meal for better digestion and health.

I hope you will like these ideas of charging your tiffin meals with immunity boosters. You can now list your tiffin service in oneapp absolutely free of cost. Find more customers in your locality, receive orders and payments easy and online. 

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