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‘onemarket’ is not actually an app in itself but a part of an actual user app called oneapp which is an umbrella application that includes several cards that facilitate different user convenience functionality like grocery shopping, food ordering, utility payment and managing visitors and connecting to the housing society. onemarket as the name suggests is the card that allows users to shop for groceries, vegetables, medicines, pet foods, and more.

Online grocery shopping is on rising in India for years now and received its all-time high boost due to the pandemic and lockdown. Due to constantly evolving consumer lifestyles, growing urbanization, the advent of a tech-savvy generation, busier lifestyles, and growth in disposable incomes, all have contributed significantly to the rise of online grocery shopping. It has been reported that the global online grocery industry is expected to grow by 60% from 2019 to 2022. 


  • To use onemarket for their shopping needs, one needs to download oneapp. Download now.
  • Upon downloading oneapp, you need to register using your mobile number or email address. Registration is done using OTP generated. 
  • Once registered, you will land in the dashboard of the app where you will find all the cards that facilitate the functionalities. 
  • Go to the onemarket card. 
  • Click to enter.
  • In the search bar, choose the locality where you want to shop/find shops.
  • Upon selecting the locality, the app will list down all the shops in that locality that are registered with oneapp.
  • Select a shop and click to enter.
  • Upon entering, you will be able to see a detailed catalogue of the shop, choose items, put in a card and proceed to checkout.
  • You will be able to get your items home-delivered or pick up at your convenient time.

Yes, it’s easy, convenient and also empowers your local businesses. Happy shopping.

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