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Paying our bills on time is one of our basic civic responsibilities. Paying bill on time ensures that our service providers doesn’t have to face issues and compromise on the service they are providing us. Often time, I come across people who decide on to pay bill as a protest to bad or not up to the mark service. Though I am unsure, if it can yield any good result out it, but what I can say if you can consumed the service, kindly pay for the same. Complaint raising and redressal should be handled entirely differently by the service provider and consumer must respect the proper system to raise their issue.

Now pay your bills online using oneapp.


One of the many important bills in your regular life is housing society maintenance bills. Why I am mentioning it specially is because, it is one service where both service providers and the consumers are on the same side. Yes, committee members in a housing society are the residents of the society itself who are voluntarily taking up the hassle of managing the services who both you and they themselves consume. Therefore, their job is much respectable than the provider of any other services.

Maintenance charges charged by the society is used to manage and maintain several amenities and facilities we are using on a daily basis. It also pays the salaries of the staff working for us like gatekeepers, gardeners, executive working to manage the amenities in good condition, and many more. When we do not pay our maintenance bills on time we directly impact those people’s salaries. How do you feel if your salary is delayed after a month full of dedicated work. 

Again, there are vendors bills and all that gets paid on monthly basis which may get delayed and in turn calculates interest. Therefore paying your housing society maintenance bill on time is saving your own money only. Also paying bills on time prevents accumulation of huge amount after a period of time which then may appear humongous.


Oneapp, powered by, is one app (as the name suggests) that helps you manage all your bills, including housing society bills, in one place and pay conveniently on time with just a few clicks. Once your society is powered by onesociety, the housing society management solution powered by oneapp, you can receive your maintenance bills, pay online, get receipt, raise complaint, manage visitors, many more using the one single app. Know more about onesociety here.

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