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Drinking tea acts as a stressbuster for many and has been proven to refresh your mind and body. Tea happens to be an integral part of every country, especially India. But did you know, our humble tea can be made more interestingly? 

Actually in India and China, there some interesting tea preparation that can win your heart. We will discuss 3 such interesting tea preparation today. But before that, do you know now you can order your favorite tea variety right from you favorite local tea shop while sitting at home and get it delivered at your door? Yes, you heard it right. Your local stores are now at oneapp.

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1.Gur-Gur Chai from Leh/Ladakh:

Leh’s signature drink butter chai or gur-gur chai is becoming famous each days as the explorers increasing in the area. The butter and the salty flavour make it an unique and interesting tea one has ever tasted, especially if one is used to drinking sweetened milk tea. The salted tea is made by boiling the tea with baking soda and salt in an tea urn. After sometimes a large lump of butter is added in it.  The butter that goes into the chai is sourced from the milk that comes from a yak and especially churned in a wooden apparatus. The butter gives our body an extra insulation against the harsh, cold climate. 

2.Chinese Pu-erh tea:

Pu-erh teas are sourced from China’s Yunnan Province and is also a name for a city in the  Southern Yunnan. The secret behind the distinct flavour of Pu-erh is that after the tea leaves are picked, they are made into a sundried base tea known as maocha and then fermented eventually. After this process, the leaves are aged and then packed into the bricks or cakes. It smells like dirt at times and is known to have a dark brown colour which makes you feel as if you are drinking the dirt. There are some brewed varieties of Pu-erh tea which looks like coffee and has a earthy taste to it.  

3.Kahwa chai from Kashmir:

The Kashmiri Kahwa Tea. If your have already watched Modern Love Mumbai, you are aware of this tea by now if not known earlier. It is known to originate from the valleys of Kashmir. This tea is also known to be consumed in the neighbouring states of Pakistan, Afghanistan and some parts of Central Asia. The tea is infused with herbs and spices to give it such a unique taste, smell and flavour. Cinnamon, aromatic cardamom, golden saffron, floral rose petals and nutty speckles of almond make it an ideal tea for anytime of the day, and delivers warmth, whilst being incredibly light and refreshing at the same time. The warmth of the tea is also ideal for Kashmir’s harsh mountain winters.

To make the Kashmiri Kahwa tea, heat water in a pan, add saffron, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom in the water and let it simmer. Switch off the flame and add the tea in the water to steep for a minute or two. Then strain the khawa and add some almond slivers along with some saffron strands and some honey if needed and your Kashmiri Kahwa tea is ready to serve. 

Be it an extravagant cup of Earl Grey on a monsoon evening or a fresh cup of Darjeeling first flush tea when it’s freezing outside or a strong concoction of milk, sugar, cardamom, ginger & Assam tea on a hectic day, tea is considered to be an emotion. Do you have any emotion related to your hot cuppa? Share with us in the comments below.

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