oneapp, powered by, is all set to take their app a notch higher and increase the user engagement and interaction by rolling out a new card in their app called ‘Recipe Book”. Recipe Book, as the name suggests, is all about cooking ventures and recipes. But the interesting part is that instead of procuring recipes from the celebrity chefs and posting for the users to browse and bookmark, oneapp is in all mind to make its users allow to drive the section.

So let’s get into some more details. 


The Recipe Book card can be accessed very easily right from the dashboard of the app just like any of its other cards like myflat, myvisitors, shopping, etc. Clicking the button will directly take you to the homepage of the Recipe Book where you can find the lists of recipes posted by the users. To make browsing through the recipes easier, you can search or filter the recipes by several parameters as per your interest and need. The parameters to filter the recipes, as of now, are: Level of difficulty, Category of the dish, & Type of Cuisine. Apart from these, you can always use the search bar to simply type and find out the recipes with your own keywords.

Each recipe will be displayed with a full list of ingredients and cooking methods. A user can  post comments, rate a recipe, share the recipe with his/her contacts right from the app using the sharing button, and obviously can bookmark the recipe for later reference. All the recipes bookmarked will the stored in the My cookbook section of the app. Apart from these, the most interesting part is that a user can post his/her own recipes in the app which get featured in the app’s recipe list along with the user’s name and profile. Also for quick reference to all your own recipes, they get stored in My Recipe section that also allows you to delete the recipe if needed or updated any time as per the requirement of the user.

Let me explain quickly, how you can browse the My Cookbook and My Recipe section. Go to the main dashboard and click your profile image. It will open up the page that stores your profile detail, along with My Recipe section with your self-posted recipes and My cookbook containing the recipes you have bookmarked. 


You must be waiting for this part eagerly. Obviously why not, everyone loves to share their recipes with friends and others and how can the chef in you miss this opportunity where you can post and share your recipes to thousands of oneapp users easily. So, without any more words, lemme get into how to post recipes in oneapp’s Recipe Book.

The first very obvious step is to first download oneapp in case if you haven’t done it already. oneapp has app versions for both Android and iOS users. Follow the link here to download the app now. If you are already using oneapp, go to the POSTING RECIPES IN RECIPE BOOK straight. For those who newly downloaded oneapp, let me give you a quick set up process.


  • Register yourself with your mobile number.
  • Verify yourself with the OTP sent in the given mobile number.
  • Select all your interest areas, we suggest selecting all so that you can avail all the features of oneapp.
  • And after a quick tutorial, it will directly take you to the oneapp dashboard.
  • Once in the dashboard, click the profile image button.
  • Set a picture and finish your profile so that your recipe followers get to know about you.
  • And now you are all set to post your own recipes and browse through others.


  • Go to the Recipe Book card.
  • Click the button to enter the section.
  • Click the (+) at the bottom of the screen. It will open the recipe addition form.
  • Select and upload a picture of the recipe from your mobile.
  • Fill in the Name, No. of servings, Difficulty Level, Category of the recipe, Cuisine Type.
  • Then provide the detailed ingredient list and step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • Click the Add Recipe button to add and post your recipe in the Recipe Book section.

So now that you have learned all about this new card, the most obvious question right now will be “when this new feature is getting released in oneapp?” The answer is very soon. And it’s not only these. There are hosts of other surprises coming for the cooking enthusiasts in oneapp. So do not miss out on any updates from oneapp. Till then keep cooking and clicking!

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