Monsoon is one such season which is enjoyed overwhelmingly in India. After a torrid summer, rain comes down as a new lease of life for the entire living kingdom. However, along with its cool breeze and petrichor, comes moisture and dampness, which call in for a number of diseases such as cold & cough, viral flu, diarrhea, and also mosquito & other insect-related diseases. Also the constant shower, many times make it difficult to venture out for purchasing food essentials and even the crops get destroyed sometimes making availability difficult. Therefore preparing well beforehand can make your monsoon more enjoyable by making it tension-free.

In this post, we have tried to collate some tips to help you stock your groceries wisely for monsoon.

Dry Food Grains

As talked above, the availability of fresh vegetables and fruits can become difficult owing to the fact that rain sometimes destroys the crops, sometimes roads get water-logged and damaged making commuting of the supplies difficult. However, nutrition should not be affected, isn’t it? 

Here comes in rescue the dry food grains and pulses. High in carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, dry food grains such as rice, broken wheat, wheat flour, nachni flour & pulses like lentils & beans can serve your daily dose of nutrition without much ado.

Immunity boosters

Ginger, garlic, lemon, honey, cinnamon, neem. Yes, these power-boosters of your immunity are must-stocked for the monsoon season. Known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties, these herbs have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicines to heal and cure people without any considerable side-effects.

Herbal Teas

Several varieties of teas such as green tea, white tea, etc. when infused with different herbs and flowers such as lemon, ginger,  chamomile, spearmint, hibiscus, etc. can help you stay warm and healthy from inside. These piping hot cuppas are known for their healing properties for hundreds of years and even modern science has begun to find evidence that supports the claims of medicinal benefits of these traditional herbal teas. 

So, this monsoon, stock up these packs to boost your immunity while serving a perfect accompaniment to enjoy shower from the window or balcony.

Insect repellents

Monsoon is the breeding season for most of the species of insects. The damp weather serves the perfect environment for reproduction in the insect world. However, in the human world that can pose some real problems. Insect bites and their saliva can have affect us from minor inflammation to even infected skin conditions and sometimes even fever and other associated problems. Especially, the season can be a bit dangerous if you have kids at home. Insect repellants are must buy for this season to protect your family from these tiny monsters.

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