5 advantages of having pets at home

Pets bring joy to our lives. Be it a cute little puppy or an adorable kitten, pets have their ways of spreading immense love & joy in our lives. Having a pet around helps kids evolve a lot during their growing years. Pets make kids much more self-confident, caring, compassionate & aware of their surroundings. The presence of a pet makes them feel secured & with time they develop a special bond, like that of siblings. 

Many vets say that a kid with a pet is exposed to responsibility & care at an early age & this can be of great help when they grow up. Taking care of a pet teaches kids responsibility for something other than themselves & helps them develop a mindset of their own that is not self-centric. They feel much more independent & responsible for taking care of their pets.

There are a lot of animals to choose from as pets, but the best pets for kids can be dogs, cats, birds and fish.

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Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of having a pet at home:

  • Kids learn empathy in the presence of pets: Our kids learn to understand others’ needs & how to look out for others. They learn to empathise with others & lookout for them which affects their idea of friendships & all other relationships when they grow up.
  • Kids grow up to be confident & responsible adults: The idea of taking care of someone else is very empowering. Having pets at home and allowing the kids to take care of them helps the kid to grow up more confident and responsible.  
  • Pets can be very therapeutic: Who does not love to get squishy warm cuddles & generous snuggles after a hectic day? Pets have various medical benefits, both physical & mental. They help people calm down, lower their blood pressure levels & make them smile. Animals like dogs are known as great therapy animals & known to help immensely to the patients suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Animals help socialise: Kids with pets are more friendly and can get along with others easily. This can create wonders when they are adults.
  • Pets teach values: Pets are kind, caring, loyal & innocent & it’s good to have these same qualities in kids. Kids can learn a lot of such values from their pets. Get your kid a dog, they are easy to maintain & adapt well with the kids. When your child is placed with the responsibility of bringing up a happy & healthy pet, it helps them be more independent & caring. If you don’t have a pet, take your children to visit people who have one. A kid can learn a lot in the association of a cheerful & friendly pet.

Thinking of getting yourself a pet? Always remember to adopt & not shop. Having a pet is like raising another child & when you adopt one, you take an animal off the streets & give it a kind, loving home which is indeed a gift of God! 

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