How do I connect with my pets?

Animals, just like humans, are capable of emotions and we must always keep that in mind.  They need nourishment, love and care just like we humans do.  We know that dogs can cry, cats possess remarkable intelligence and horses can discern facial expressions. Establishing a strong human-pet relationship needs some love and care, they don’t ask for more, just our time and company. 

Let’s discuss some ways which can help us connect better with our pets and promote a happier, healthier lifestyle for everyone.


  • We must always understand that animals have emotions: The first way to establish a more conscious connection with your pet is to first understand that they have emotions, just like us. This is of utmost importance for your relationship and bond because, without understanding, there can be no respect.  While animals do not show or express their emotions much like that of humans, they do, without a doubt, feel emotions. Studies prove that not just household pets, like dogs and cats, all animals can feel emotions.
  • Respect your pet: Once you are able to see your pet as an emotional being, it is easier to respect them.  Just as humans, animals do respond to kindness, respect and compassion.  And once your pet understands that they are being respected, you will both develop a much deeper bond based on true, deep trust. 
  • Keep your pet fit and healthy: To form a bond built with trust, you should respect your pet’s overall well-being.  You must set and follow a solid routine with your pet to maintain their health. Physical fitness is a key component in forming more responsive connections. When you bypass a routine altogether, your pet will not only become physically unwell but will start acting out, behaving unreasonable and your connection with them will start to fall apart.  Routines help to keep everyone happy and healthy. 
  • Communicate with your pet: Communicate with your pet just like we humans do. Talking to your pet in the same way that you would do with a human, will help to bridge the human-animal gap and will bring you and your pet even closer.  We must always keep in mind that animals are extremely intelligent and are capable of responding to communications really well. We should frequently talk with our pets to develop a better and more responsive connection. 
  • Don’t Forget to Train Your Pet: You must train your pet as it’s of utmost importance for both you and your pet’s wellbeing. Training your pets will not only help them to understand you better and obey your orders.  It will also help to keep them fit and mentally acute.  Training is also known as a great way to bond with your pet, as it keeps a sort of dialogue going between the two of you, almost like (in your pet’s eyes) a language that is made just for the two of you.

By following these simple steps, you and your pet can create a more responsive and long-lasting relationship, better than ever before. oneapp brings you a host of pet-care products shops so that now you can indulge in shopping for your furry friends’ needs from the comfort of your home. Download now.

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