importance of virtual meeting etiquette, ground rules for virtual meetings

Manners or etiquettes form the base of our existence. One must always be flexible enough to implement them in any situation. Along with social etiquette, business etiquettes are of utmost importance. Before the pandemic, one could portray their manners and etiquettes physically but when working from home, it has now become essential to understand the importance of virtual meeting etiquette. One must ensure to maintain certain etiquettes while interacting virtually with their colleagues. 

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Let’s discuss some of the ground rules of virtual meetings that every professional must know while interacting with their clients and colleagues through online meetings:


  1. Check your audio and visuals before the meeting:

While others make memes and crack jokes hearing statements like Hi, am I audible? In reality, this is a very commonly asked question while conducting a virtual meeting. These meetings are prone to interruptions, network glitches and poor connectivity issues. One must ensure to check if their microphone and camera are working and that might help to avoid intermittent meetings that wouldn’t be of much importance since no one could hear you talking. Checking your tools prior to the virtual meeting will save you and your colleagues time as well. 

  1. Stay present:

Long meetings are boring, can’t deny much… But one must be present in the meeting, giving the participants one’s undivided attention. Some of which includes one’s horrible habit of checking one’s phone and nodding off. If any meeting goes way too long, one can always request a short 10-minute break and circle back.

  1. Respect your colleagues’ time:

One must not keep people waiting without a prior note or intimation. There are times when one might be running late or there might be a software breakdown, make sure to inform or request them to reschedule the particular meeting. 

  1. Mute when not talking:

Presently we are all working from our homes where most of us are living with our families, including our children and pets. , including little children and pets. Having kids and pets at home can be quite distracting when attending a virtual meeting. Make sure to either walk into another room or just mute yourself when you’re not talking, allowing others to focus on the meeting.

  1. It’s a meeting, not dining:

One might skip breakfast due to their work stress and immediate deadlines during a morning meeting. But you must never ever attend virtual meetings while eating or while having food in your mouth. 

  1. Know your surroundings:

Working from home now does not provide an opportunity to meet the formal orderliness of office space. But you can keep your space neat and tidy. It is also necessary to blur your surroundings so that one may not be able to see other parts of your room too.  A general rule of thumb is to try not to show your bed in virtual meetings, whether it’s made or unmade.

  1. Be presentable:

Even though we are all working from home, you must never ever wear your pyjamas or attend your virtual meetings with dishevelled hairs. It isn’t mandatory to wear a formal dress every time you attend a virtual meeting but you must ensure to wash your face, wear an appropriate shirt, brush your hair and maintain a neat and tidy look for the virtual meeting. 

One must remember that professional presentation is imperative, irrespective of the situation and the rules discussed above will help you to maintain proper decorum while attending virtual meetings. 

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