impact of technology on human life,

Living in the 21st century, it is needless to say that technology has a huge impact on our day to day life. From running a business to socialization, food to healthcare, technology is practically everywhere. However, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has made us more dependent on technology more than ever before. From running home to doing jobs, we are now practically dependent on technology today. There can be many arguments about whether technology is a bane or boon in our lives, from what I can see it’s a bit of both. There is no one straight side to this. However, let us think on the positive side and reflect on how technology impacts our present life on a daily basis.


Connected living- Living in a housing society is now practically impossible without technology. From connecting to the society office to gatemen, paying maintenance bills to connect with the neighbours, now all are contactless but easy, thanks to technology.

Communication with family- In the corona period when travelling and visiting friends and family is almost taboo, thanks to technology, we can now communicate, talk, see, celebrate occasions via video calls.

Education- There is no way of not mentioning this, for the last one and half years when the whole world is sitting at home, the education is still on and all thanks to technology. From attending classes to submitting assignments now everything is possible with the help of the internet.

Shopping- From grocery to medicine, pet care to self-care, ordering food to fancy items, now everything is possible and available online. With few apps on your mobile, one can easily shop for anything they want and get delivered at home. What’s the new way of shopping? Shopping from sofa 😀

Keeping a job- Let alone flexible work hours, maintaining a job in many cases is now dependent on having the internet at home. In this new age of work-from-home culture, technology has indeed made it possible to have a job without stepping out of the home.

Health tracking- Taking care of health should be our primary responsibility, coronavirus has made it very clear to us, isn’t it? Tracking out health is also now easy with technology. The fitness devices effectively measure our vitals and track our regular habits of exercise, drinking water, sleep and more making it easier to follow a healthy routine.

Let us know in the comments below, how technology impacts your daily life and how you feel about it.

FAQ’s About “What is the best visitor management software out there?”

Some of the features that a good visitor management solution should have are:

  • Capturing visitors details with photo
  • Authenticating visitor identity
  • Allowing gatekeepers to connect to the residents for approval before allowing entry.
  • Allowing need-based access to certain areas
  • Allowing pre-authentication of guests and visitors to reduce hassles for the residents.

Onegate is a gate security and visitor management solution from oneapp. It contains all the above-listed functionalities and more. It also allows staff management for the gate staff in the same solution and helps by tracking their attendance and calculating salaries. Also, onegate gets easily integrated with onesociety, the society management solution from the same house and makes the whole system more full-proof and automated.

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