co-operative housing society

Be it a festival, reunion or any kind of celebration, organising an event in a co-operative housing society is fun as it gets all the members under one roof to socialise and foster bonding. An event organised in a housing society must be based on one chief principle, that it should include collective effort and not just on individual responsibility. Every apartment association must have a strict set of laws and the organisers must ensure that they follow these laws when they plan certain events.


  • Planning the event:

The association members in the housing society can plan the event and its celebration. Each member should come forward with their ideas and concerns regarding that particular event. They can also share different ways to celebrate and promote the event accordingly. 

  • Allotment of responsibilities:

An event does involve an array of activities for which people should share responsibilities among committee members by the association to function smoothly.

  • Promoting the event:

The organisers or people from the apartment association can put in efforts to promote the event among the residents by distributing pamphlets or pasting them on the notice boards/bulletin informing them about the occasion, date, time and venue in it.

  • Opinion regarding the event celebration:

A celebration of an event in a housing society involves all the residents of the apartment. The organisers or apartment associations should ensure that all residents are comfortable with the event organizer. tIt’s always a feasible idea to get the consent of the residents, especially the senior citizens as they may not get accustomed to noisy celebrations. The residents will not be compelled to join the events if they don’t want to. 

  • Celebration as per the by-law:

The organisers or apartment associations should adhere to the by-laws that decide the rules and regulations of every celebration. The rules and regulations which concern the timing,  location and other aspects should be followed at the time of the event.

  • Appropriate locations:

An event should be celebrated depending on its type. For eg, an event related to media should be ideally held in an auditorium or an enclosed place, while, an exhibition or a craft event should be held in a chosen location.

  • Types of events:

An apartment can hold any event as far as they maintain the guidelines mentioned in by-laws regarding the same.  Commercial events or fundraising events can also be organised in an apartment for the welfare of society.

  • By-laws for noise and other conditions:

The apartment association or organisers must ensure not to plan events during harsh climatic conditions and the noise must not exceed beyond the given limit. As per the Government rule, the events should be held with minimum noise and get over by 10:30 in the evening unless required or with special permission. It is also advisable to plan the events during the weekends unless a festival occurs on a weekday.

  • Kids safety:

Every apartment association must ensure safety for kids and should always be well equipped with first aid. Other facilities like fire equipment, security measures, electrical safety, etc should be albo ten taken into control.

  • Sponsored events:

A sponsored event can be held in selected places in the housing society unless it is an important business partner. None of the members in these sponsored events can force the apartment residents to participate in the events or restrict them to enter the common areas.

  • Event costs:

The apartment owners association is responsible to incur the costs of the event celebration unless there is any fund shortage. In the wake of a fund shortage, the apartment residents can come forward to contribute any amount they wish.

  • Taxation for events:

Not all events are generally taxed. Only events which are known to make a large amount of money will come under income tax.

  • Precautionary measures:

There are certain precautionary measures that should always be taken before, during and after any event. The association should ensure that the police are informed about the event celebration and see to it that the association has taken legal permissions for the event. 

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