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With the advancement of the internet, smartphone applications and websites, people have become much more tech-savvy and have made life simple. One can book flight tickets or shop for utilities at just one tap. Groceries hold an important section for our daily consumption. Online grocery shopping in India has developed exponentially over the years. For most people finding a list of groceries and waiting in line for billing while shopping in supermarkets is a tedious activity. 

A grocery shopping app makes it way easier to shop being in the comforts of your home. This revolutionary concept puts the whole shopping trip into our hands with just a few taps. Online shopping encourages consumers to save more time and discover new opportunities with the aid of the Internet.

Let’s find out about the best online grocery shopping apps and websites in India in the present scenario:


1. BigBasket:

In India, the most famous online grocery app is Big Basket. The business provides more than 10,000 food goods through smartphone applications and websites through its portal for online shopping. The app’s service is accessible in 20+ Indian cities. 

2. Jio Mart:

Reliance Jiomart is an Indian online grocery shopping platform that runs in almost all the cities of India. Reliance Jiomart presents 100000 items for online shopping under a separate segment on its official website. Reliance Jiomart is likely to introduce other categories in its shopping app service all throughout India.

3. Grofers:

Grofers is one of India’s top grocery shopping apps. The Grofers smartphone app and website enable consumers to select online orders for supermarket items. Like Major Basket Grofers, which operates in 20+ places, including all of the major Indian cities. The organization is known to be expanding its market in tier-2 cities. 

4. Amazon Pantry:

Amazon Pantry is the world’s biggest e-commerce giant and began its online grocery shopping operation in India in the last few years. The category is open to Indian consumers on its official website and smartphone app. India is the main client for Amazon e-commerce after the US and the firm launches its grocery distribution service in the nation to deal with counterparts. 

5. Flipkart Supermarket:

Flipkart is one of India’s leading e-commerce stores. Flipkart has also begun its online grocery shopping service in India. Flipkart is known to be launching its online grocery shopping service with massive demand from customers and market rivalry. Like Amazon Pantry, with unique discounts and offers for consumers, Flipkart significantly increases its grocery sales.

6. ZopNow:

Zopnow is a fast-growing online grocery shopping platform in India. They partner with certainly reputable hypermarkets to supply the items, such as HyperCITY, More and other supermarket chains. Unlike other online supermarket applications, Zopnow receives consumer orders and delivers the goods to doorsteps within 3 hours. 

7. Nature’s Basket:

In Indian cities, Godrej Nature’s Basket is known to be a popular online grocery shopping app. Godrej Nature’s Basket opened its offline grocery store in 2005 as a leading food destination in India over the last few years. The organisation has grown its retail market in different cities within a few years of its service.

8. Spencer’s Online Grocery:

Spencer’s is a very popular Indian discount food and grocery shop in India. In different categories, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy, FMCG, etc, Spencer’s online shop provides around 10000+ items. In order to boost its revenue, the organization has started its online operations as well with a website and smartphone application.

9. oneapp:

oneapp is one of the fastest-growing grocery shopping apps that is majorly functional in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. The app hosts various local grocery and vegetable shops for its users to buy local and fresh items. 

10. DMart Online Grocery Shopping:

DMart is known as Mumbai’s leading app for online grocery shopping. DMart offers free pickup and doorstep distribution in the entire city of Mumbai. DMart’s website and mobile app list all sorts of food items that can be shopped online. After distribution, they also provide return and compensation plans for the defective goods.

Which grocery app do you prefer for your groceries? Do let us know in the comments below.

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