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Online bill payment, definitely not a recent thing, and have been here for quite some time now. With time the human race has been evolving in different aspects of time. Money and the payment system is one of them. Think about the days when the world used to run on a barter system, then came the money exchange. And if we think about that huge time frame, we can very safely say that recently came the technological evolution of the payment system.

Let’s have a look at the important milestone of the e-payment system or online payment system.


The year 1994 stands out as a very important year in the history of the online payment system. In 1994 Stanford Federal Credit Union was established, the first financial institution which offered online internet banking services to all of its members. In 1994, Amazon was founded which later became a major player in the evolution of online ordering and online payment. Also in the same year, Pizza Hut started accepting online food ordering. 

Facebook was launched in 2004 and the network extends its functionality with online games, which also started allowing in-game purchases.

The major boost however came only recently (say 3-4 years ago), when the Indian Government emphasized online banking systems and traceable digital payments. Ever since online payment has been evolving leaps and bounds.


There are a number of apps that are launched to make online payments easier and safer. Now there are apps that take care of all the online payment requirements of its users. oneapp is one such app. The app allows its users to automate and manage all their online payments, utility bill payments, via its onepay card. Now oneapp users can pay their electricity bills, phone bills, gas bills, cable connection, water bill, internet connection using your oneapp. Even one can recharge their prepaid mobile bill using the same app. 


Paying bills using onepay in oneapp is easier due to the apps user-friendly interface.

  • Go to the onepay card in your app dashboard.
  • Click the Pay Bill button to enter.
  • Click on the name of the service you want to pay for.
  • Choose your biller or service provider from the list.
  • Enter your consumer no./registered mobile number as per the requirement displayed in the app
  • Click the Confirm button to proceed.
  • The app will fetch your latest unpaid bill and allow you to make payment.

To know more about the app and download, go to

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