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Online grocery shopping is known to be one of the fastest-growing online products all over the world today. Studies suggest that about 70% of the consumers will only shop groceries online by 2024.

Most of the businesses are aware of the increasing demands and current statistics which are growing by three-folds every year. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of the Revenue Earnings models taken up by the online grocery apps below: 


The niche, i.e. grocery shopping, provides various channels to make money depending on the business model one selects. One can easily adopt a combination of the following models to maximise the revenue earned:  

  1. Commission:

Charge commissions from the stores selling via your app. The commission can be charged sale-wise or day-wise as per the business model one adopts. One can also charge different commission rates based on the demand and supply chain on different products and in different regions. 

  1. Membership:

One can offer a membership subscription to the customers adding certain benefits like surge charges, priority delivery, no charges for delivery etc. One can also offer a similar membership plan to the stores and partners as well, allowing them to sell on the platform or get added benefits.

  1. Subscription:

Allow the customers to subscribe to certain products to avail of regular delivery without even placing an order each time. Regularly used products fit easily into this model, like dairy supplies, vegetables, monthly shaving supplies etc. 

  1. Service charges:

One can always ask the stores and partners to pay an additional service charge on each sale they make through the platform without subscribing for membership. This will encourage them to purchase the membership offered to avoid paying for the service charge. 

  1. Promotions:

One can allow the stores to pay an additional fee to boost the visibility of their products on the home page, every time a customer makes relevant searches. Displaying various ad banners for the sellers is also a great option. 

  1. Merchandises:

One can easily sell branded merchandise and relevant products like reusable shopping bags, jars, bottles, small kitchen tools etc to boost sales. 

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