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So we are ready to welcome yet another year amidst the ongoing pandemic. The Pandemic has taken a lot from us, but then again taught us a lot more – to keep faith and hope, to prioritise family and loved ones and to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 2022 will be more about ‘zero waste’ focussing on sustainable living and eating. 

Just like every year, when a certain food starts trending worldwide, for example, how Dalgona coffee was made in almost every household and bakers baking sourdough, etc, this year it’s going to be ‘less meat and alcohol’, as the recent food market reports are suggesting.


Use of Moringa: 

After the World Health Organisation (WHO) claimed Moringa to be a superfood to fight mal-nutrition, Moringa started trending in the food market. Expect to find Moringa in your desserts, protein bars, chocolates and grain blends in the coming days.  Reports state that the moringa leaf is a miracle leaf that has much much more vitamin C than that of an orange and about 15 times more potassium content than that of a banana.  

Spiced cocktails: 

The bar culture has declined in the past two years due to the Pandemic and it’s one of the main reasons that people need herbs and spices to boost their immunity. A large number of brands have already started making ready to drink spiced cocktails and this particular trend is likely to grow even more in the year 2022.

Herbal teas: 

Herbal teas have also been in trend post the Pandemic. There has been increasing growth in herbal tea consumption in the past year due to low immunity and the after-effects of Covid-19. People resort to herbal tea to relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and boost their immunity. Reports suggest that this rising trend is going to expand in the year 2022. The most popular in them are chamomile tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, white tea, matcha tea, earl grey tea and even the Kashmiri Kahwa.

Fermented foods:

Many nutritionists recommend fermented foods like kefir, natto, miso, sauerkraut, kombucha these days as they contain a lot of probiotics that are good for the gut. These foods not only improve the gut but boosts immunity and weight loss as well. 

Selenium rich foods: 

There has been a rise in selenium-rich foods due to the growing scare of cancer. It’s an essential trace mineral that protects the body from free radicals which can cause the risk of various diseases such as cancer. Selenium helps in the function of the thyroid gland and protects the body from various infections. Foods like brazil nuts, mushrooms and eggs are rich in selenium and are very helpful for us. 

Potato milk: 

Potato milk is a rage these days and it’s going to be a trendsetter in 2022. People are more focused on plant-based and environmentally friendly foods today. Potato milk will give a tough competition to various other plant-based milk like oat milk, soy milk and almond milk.

Japanese & Korean foods: 

Studies suggest that foods inspired by global cuisines like that of Japanese furikake, Korean gochujang and even Mexican tajin are going to be trending in the food industry next year.

Plant-Based Meats:

By 2022, people are likely to reduce consumption of meat and resort to plant-based meats. Plant-based meat is a term that people use to describe foods that mimic meat products but are made from plants. Say like some renowned chef has created a vegan ground meat burger patty using gluten. Again, someone has succeeded to mimic steak using a piece of watermelon.

Which food trend do you find interesting? Let us know in the comments.

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