Benefits of a hyperlocal inventory

The ongoing pandemic has made us tech-savvy and helped us to adapt to the new normal by helping each other and looking for online assistance when face-to-face interactions are avoided. During these times an aggregator of crucial information is ideal for any neighbourhood providing information like emergency contacts, medical assistance, details of service providers, vendors for essential goods etc. Procuring these resources in close proximity plays a vital role during quarantine, lockdowns and various state and self-imposed restrictions and this is when a hyperlocal directory for utility and services plays an important role by bringing to them the contact information of the available services at their close proximity and that can be availed over the mobile phone.

Many online apps have come up with community management apps that provide users to share important contacts, necessary information in a single directory that can be accessed by the residents of that particular society during an emergency.  With a hyperlocal directory, one can easily access all useful information and recommendations of goods and services which are available locally and through a single platform. 

Benefits of a hyperlocal inventory:

Emergency situations:

Listing the contacts of local doctors, dentists, paediatricians, specialists and emergency services in one place makes it quick and hassle-free. New residents who have shifted to a new neighbourhood will find it easy and helpful to find an information directory with good medical contacts when needed. 

Supporting the concept of an economically independent neighbourhood:

Our Prime Minister’s suggestion of ‘atmanirbhar bano’ can only be fulfilled by supporting local vendors and patronizing home-grown businesses. A hyperlocal directory can effectively bring this huge unorganized market under an umbrella and makes it easier for them to find customers. On the other hand, it brings the services and products from these vendors and businesses to the residents’ doorsteps.

Get household services at your doorstep:

As mentioned in the previous pointer, a hyperlocal directory allows the residents to choose from various services offered by their local vendor and at their doorstep. During times of emergency like lockdown, often services were interrupted due to curfew and all. But a local service provider will always be available for you. 

oneapp is one such online directory that lists grocery shops to vegetable shops, restaurants, tiffin services and various other services available at your locality. It helps you find services and goods from your neighbourhood. Download the app now.

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