digital visitor management

In today’s world, you are dependent on technology more than ever. And in doing so you want the best features and qualities for doing your job. When you are looking out for a digital visitor management system, you will be seeking out its best features to provide the utmost security and the best visitor experience. 

Visitor management system software is a digital system to register and track each guest entering your facility. The efficiency, security, and personalization of a visitor management system enhance the total visitor experience.



Cloud storage is an easily accessible, non-intrusive place where all the data and information can be stored. Cloud-based visitor management system reduces clutter and saves space and time. It also gives backup for any data loss. 


In the COVID-19 situation, when the virus spreads from touching different surfaces, you need to consider a visitor management system that comes with a QR scan check-in feature which ensures the safety of the employees and other visitors too. In this feature, a visitor upon arriving at the reception needs to scan the QR code placed on the reception desk with their smartphone. This can also be enhanced with the photo capture tool where a picture will be clicked and stored under the visitor’s name for future references. 


You must invest in a digital visitor management system that can be customised as per need. Each premise has its own framework for working, a customizable visitor management system can meet all the needs efficiently. The customization can be on anything be it in terms of the form you prepare for your visitors to fill in or storing data syncing face recognition.


The reporting with correct information empowers the senior authority with valuable insights about the visitors and even security staff. So, it is advisable to choose a digital visitor management system that provides real-time reports of who’s there on the premises & when and why. The reporting feature must have the flexibility of filters which helps you get well-defined and classified data. The most important advantage is it is run by software and sans any human intervention, making it unbiased, clean and unaltered. This insightful visitor data could be very helpful in providing solutions. 


As soon as the visitors or the employees check in via this visitor management system, the resident is notified of their arrival at that very moment and also their presence on the premises. The resident can also send messages back to their visitors. 


Finally, a user-friendly interface and ease of use should be given enough priority while settling for a visitor management system for your premises. The gatekeepers as well as the visitors need to feel comfortable using the system and sharing information. See that your system has a multilingual interface as many gatekeepers can not be very proficient with English considering India is a country with multiple languages. The enquiry forms need to be short, to-the-point yet must cover the necessary information to ensure utmost safety.

Selecting the best visitor management system is a huge responsibility. Hopefully, this guideline can help you through it. If you get all the above-mentioned features then you know you have found the right one!

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