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Frozen foods are a saviour for most of us. Be it frozen meat, fish or even our humble frozen pizza, baked beans or one-pot curry mix, frozen foods have taken up a broader shelf in our refrigerators for their convenience.

Frozen foods aren’t really a healthy option but then there are such days when you’ve had a hectic day at work for almost 12-14 hours & you’re home tired & hungry, that when you open your refrigerator & a pack of one-pot ready-to-eat pasta comes to the rescue or if you need a quick snack but feel too lazy to make some, just fry some frozen ready-to-fry Chicken nuggets & you’re sorted.

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But frozen foods have its own cons however convenient it may seem.


  • The meat & fish steaks can be frozen after washing them in cold water for over a month but lose their taste & food value the longer it’s kept in the freezer.
  • However convenient it may seem, consuming frozen foods frequently can trouble our digestive system leading to acidity & gastritis. 
  • The fatty acids & preservatives used to store these foods are hazardous & unhealthy for regular consumption
  • These frozen foods have a shelf life ranging between 3 months to a whole year. “imagine consuming the turkey meat fresh within a day or months after thawing it out from the freezer, tasteless & difficult to chew?”
  • Frozen foods like canned food & curries can be a great source of ingredients occasionally but consuming these canned frozen foods can also lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer, pancreatitis etc.

Treating yourself with an occasional spread of frozen sausages & salamis isn’t much of a hazard, however, adding it to your daily diet can greatly affect your health and wellness in the long run. You may indulge in a plate of cold cut processed meat for breakfast once in a while but not always. 

Make sure you consume your food fresh with green veggies & adequate fresh proteins that keep you healthy & active & try less to depend on these unhealthy frozen foods which make you lazy & affect you in the long run.

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