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Video conferencing for education can be said to be the gift of the 2020 pandemic. However, video conferencing is not at all something very new. It dates back to 1800 when video conferencing took its first step forward.


The word ‘VIDEO’ was coined in 1935. However, as per Encyclopedia Britannica, the advent of video conferencing dates years back to the date. In 1870, the concept of transmitting an image alongside audio over the wire was firstborn. Though it’s almost 50 years later that the technology was put to good use in 1927 when Bell Labs connects with Washington, DC officials and the president of AT&T in NYC via a two-way audio connection and one-way video connection. Over the years the technology has only improved and evolved in leaps and bounds.


Fast forward to 2020, when the world was hit with the worst situation of the century in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing received a very very significant boost as it steadily got adopted in every sector of society to connect with each other when the world was made to stay put under lockdown and social distancing. From running office work to society work, education to entertainment, everything readily got shifted to the digital platform and video conferencing became the most mandatory feature in life.


In the year 2020, the renowned technology service provider of Navi Mumbai, Futurescape Technologies, launched onemeet, a premium video conferencing feature as a part of their oneapp. Though mainly introduced to solve the issue of personal meeting spaces for its housing society clients, onemeet later opened to all the oneapp users and was introduced in the app as the onemeet card. The onemeet card allows users to create a meeting link easily with just a few clicks and share the link easily with attendees via WhatsApp or any other messaging service. The feature can be used by any user of oneapp to arrange and conduct any type of meeting with fellow oneapp users. And this gave rise to yet another convenience for the community players where they can easily create their own online classes and invite their neighbours and other oneapp users to join in.


Though the software is not sufficient to conduct a full-fledged online education system like the other big players like GoogleMeet and Zoom, yet in its own little way, the app helped several home-based tutors to conduct their online classes at the cheapest to almost no cost at all. Again, not only education in a traditional format, but it has also made ways for several online pieces of training like music, yoga, art and craft, dance, even several consultation services without compromising the basic safety amidst coronavirus situation.

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