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onegate, the premium visitor-cum-gate management solution from the house of oneapp helps to manage the safety and security of the gated premises in an easy-to-operate way.  This full-fledged visitor and gate management solution for the housing societies and any other gated premises say schools, office buildings, manufacturing units, etc. solution operates optimally with three interfaces – onegate app for the gatekeepers and watchmen, onegate web interface for the administrative tasks and oneapp member app for society residents or the premise members. 

onegate is available for free download in both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore and the app can be used free of charge with restrictive features where gatekeepers can use it for recording the visitors’ details digitally replacing pen and paper. However, in the free version, there is no admin panel to set rules, regulations and other administrative functionalities, nor can the app communicate with the members/residents for gate approvals.

However, with the paid version it gets transformed into a full-fledged gate and visitor management solution for the gated premises ensuring utmost security. Let’s have a run at how the solution works in amalgamation with three interfaces.


onegate Admin panel comes as a web interface that can be accessed via a desktop device. The cloud platform comes with several modules that help in managing the gatekeepers deployed with the tasks of securing the gate, the other staff working for the society/premises, the members, vehicles, parking allotments and setting up of other rules and regulations required for ensuring the safety of the premises. The admins can also keep track of the visitors log from the admin panel.


onegate app is an easy-to-use multilingual app built for the use of the gatekeepers in carrying out their tasks of managing the visitors and maintaining the gate security. The app allows the gatekeepers to record visitor data, connect with the members for gate approval and also connect with the admins.


oneapp is the member app that hosts a number of other features, visitor management being one of them. The members can access the visitor log to his/her unit any time, allow and approve visitors, keep track of the domestic help entry, schedule visits of the guest and more.

In amalgamation with these three interfaces, the ONEGATE visitor management solution takes care of your safety and security in a well-fortified way. To know more about onegate, request a free demo now.

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