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Housing Society Management is a system that manages the day-to-day activities of any Co-operative Housing Society. They keep records and track everything happening in the housing society for the benefit of the dwellers there. Among these dwellers, it has been noticed that 40% and more are the tenants who stay on rent in housing societies. So the housing society management prefers to stay updated about the tenants too to avoid any future issues. The housing society manages the day-to-day activities & preserves information on tenants too. 


Renting out properties is the most common and effective way of income for many now. It is a smooth process but for that, all preparations should be done, especially the verification of tenants. 


A rental verification form is a permission form. The tenant needs to sign it to give permission to the landlord to do a background check, which includes the permission to call their employer, previous landlord & current landlord. 


  1. You should do a thorough police verification of the tenants and then and then only give green flags to tenants. It involves a thorough background check by the police omitting any future contusions. Police verification of tenants is very important as there are times when the landowner stays out of town or even the country. In that case, it becomes important for the landowner and the housing society management to go through detailed police verification to ensure the safety of the whole society. The process of police verification is –
  1. You need to download the verification form online or you can get it from the police station. 
  2. You need to fill in the tenant & landlord details as asked in the form.
  3. You need to attach a passport size photo.
  4. You need to provide Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Passport/Driver’s License details.
  5. Sign the deal, after a thorough read-out. 
  6. Always save the acknowledgement receipt of the transactions. 

2. You should ask for full name, father’s name & full permanent address details. It might look unimportant at that time but it actually can save lives. Once you have all the information, tenants also maintain their roles and duties properly and do not damage their reputation and public property.

3. You need to do a thorough background check on your tenants. With this, you will be able to know your tenant’s history of late rent payments or property damage. 

4. You should contact the tenant’s previous landlord if dwelling in the same locality or city to know about your probable tenant’s past records related to paying rent, behaviour & overall. You can ask for their employer’s contact details too to know about your tenant too. This is to know whether your tenant is reliable enough or not. 

5. You can ask for 1 or 2 personal references. They might not be comfortable sharing their parent’s contact details. In that case, you can ask for a friend’s number. If your tenant has nothing to hide, then they surely will share. You can verify the tenant for future safety. 

6. Address proof and identity documents are necessary while renting for tenant verification. You should get a copy of the above and their work address. In case you are renting to a minor, then make sure you have their guardian’s name, phone number, and address.

The idea of tenant verification, especially in housing societies, is for the safety of the society and the complex only. Prior thorough checking of the tenants will only help in avoiding future problems. A thorough police tenant verification will only help you to uncover all the previous records, be it criminal or not, that won’t resurface otherwise.


  1. With a thorough check, you can avoid unlawful practices in the housing society. 
  2. In the fear of getting arrested due to police verification, tenants might be careful enough before partying, which often includes drugs and alcohol consumption. 
  3. It helps in tracking heinous crimes and catching culprits in the rented flat. Tenants are less likely to do any criminal activities as their identity proofs are with the police.
  4. Many terrorists rent places forging identities in the city from where they carry out their terror activities. Due to tenant verification, police easily catch these terrorists.
  5. Many of the foreigners overstay even after the expiry of their contracts. They disappear into the smaller cities later. With the help of police tenant verification, these unauthorized citizens can easily find out in case they rent out a place to stay.
  6. Many landlords rent out their property and stay out of the town or country. If they have done the tenant verification, then they are quite relieved as that means it is given to a decent person with a good background.
  7. Tenants take good care of the rented property and pay rent on time when there is a tenant verification done. That ensures the safety of the property, as tenants will make sure to not destroy property or do any damage.

Maintaining records at times becomes very difficult. At that time housing society management tools came in handy. Housing society manages all the tenant verification records. The landlords get benefitted, especially the ones who stay out of town or country. The housing society management maintains strict surveillance, manages the day-to-day activities, and keeps records of any situations and events by the tenants. 

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