profitable food business ideas for 2022

Food businesses are raging these days. The pandemic has reminded us once again, of the importance of good food and exercise. We have covered some of the food-related business ideas in a previous post. If you have missed out, check it here.

In this post, we will cover some more food business ideas.


  1. Biscuit Making Class:

Though the market is competitive, it is huge enough to accommodate new entrants to explore. If you can plan properly and can invest money, a biscuit-making business can give good returns. People prefer fresh home-baked biscuits more, and if you have the expertise to provide that with some unique varieties then it is a great business to start with.

  1. Herbs & Spices:

Herbs and spices are expensive yet very essential items for preparing food. So they are always in demand. And if you can provide quality & freshness then your business will undoubtedly soar high. You can start an online store from your own home with herbs and spices. You need to take special care of good packaging and on-time delivery.

  1. Juice Bar:

The juice bar is one of the most popular food business ideas from the early days. With summers coming up everyone will find a glass of fresh juice relaxing and more comforting than any other food item and that’s why this one could be your next venture. Starting juice bars can be good business ideas for students as there is not much cooking involved. All you need to learn is how to make a glass of juice, which would not be that difficult. 

  1. Grocery Store:

The grocery store is one of the most profitable grocery business ideas that can be started by developing a good strategy and with low investment. A grocery store can be available both online and offline. To start a grocery store, first, you need to get a trustworthy supplier and a place for your shop. The scenario is a little easier nowadays, where you need to just find a supplier, a room anywhere, even a corner of your home to use as a storehouse, and an online platform, to showcase products, find customers, make sales and make money. oneapp offers a free listing of your store in their app, you may checkout. 

  1. Tiffin Service:

Tiffin Service is a very profitable business idea with low investment and less establishment cost. It is in high demand, especially for office environments. All you need to do is prepare a set menu in a hygienic environment, using healthy ingredients & techniques and serving them hot in offices in tiffin boxes.  People prefer to have homemade food in the office. And if you can offer healthy and tasty food, you will definitely get positive responses. Book good delivery services which can deliver hot food within time.

Starting a food business is very promising. There is a lot of scope in this area for small business owners as well as large-scale companies. If you are planning on starting a food business, the ideas mentioned above can help you get started.

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