Holi 2022, safety tips for holi

The Holi festival is just around the corner, and this year Holi is definitely different than ever before. It is so because it is the one festival where a lot of people will gather together in one place after two years of social distancing. The world is coming out of the pandemic in slow and steady steps and therefore it is customary and a relief to get back to celebrations and festivals and the natural rhythm of life, but let’s admit things will always be different now in the post-covid era. At least for some more years.

So, the main thing to put forth is to enjoy the festival but make sure you are maintaining all the protocols set by the authorities to make sure everything is at its best. In this post today, I will share 5 things that in my opinion are absolutely necessary to be holi-ready in 2022.


Herbal colour- In the last two years, we have realized enough the importance of having strong immunity. Let’s not rack it with synthetic chemical colours that cause havoc (damage) to our immune system. Opt for good quality herbal colours. Either purchase from good well-known brands or make yourself. I came across quite a few posters of Holi colour making workshops.

Kickass playlist- This remains unchanged. And if I am not hugely wrong, the songs will also remain unchanged. Rang barse bheege chunarwali, Do me a favour, let’s play holi, balam pichkari, and several other holi tracks have already made a permanent place in the holi playlist.

Healthy thandai- Holi is not complete without thandai. Go for healthy thandai with nuts and milk and avoid any ingredients that can be non-beneficial to immunity and the nervous system. Be in sense, enjoy the festival and maintain good health. Guess what? I have also received a few posters with thandai powder making workshops.

Vaccination doses- Now this is a new addition in the post-covid era and something needs to be taken seriously. It is time to act responsibly towards our own self as well as to society. Make sure that you have completed both doses of covid-19 vaccinations before joining any mass gatherings like holi rain dance parties, etc.

Consent- If you are the one arranging a holi party, make sure you have checked with present rules and regulations regarding covid-19 in your area. Make sure to seek proper consent from the concerned authorities such that your party goes smoothly and successfully.

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What’s your holi plan this year? Share with us in the comments.

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