Touchless Visitor Management system for societies

The touchless visitor management system is the new way to manage visitors and guests while maintaining all the safety and security of the premises as well as the guests and residents. You must be wondering what is a touchless visitor management system and how does it work? Well, touchless visitor management systems can have touch-free features on multiple levels – starting from capturing visitor data touchless to tracking visitor’s movement around the premises using cameras and sensors, without the need for human interaction. They are an excellent way of enhancing the guest experience in society and increasing the productivity of gatekeepers and security staff in society without the need for large-scale investments. As per reports, they have been satisfactorily enhancing the security of premises, housing societies, industrial sites and corporate sites without the need for large-scale investments in physical security. Most modern visitor management systems are based entirely on digital experiences and are often AI-enabled.


The touchless visitor management system has several advantages over the conventional system. First and foremost, it is a more cost-effective option as it doesn’t require human intervention. This means that you won’t have to hire any additional staff to operate and maintain the system, saving you both money and time. Second, it is more reliable as it doesn’t rely on the flawed human memory.

With the touchless visitor management system, the security personnel are no longer required to keep registers and enter the name of every single visitor along with the date and time of arrival. Those are not only unreliable sources of information but are also inefficient and time-consuming. Also, the conventional visitor management techniques, such as paper-based registration forms, led to the loss of crucial info and information. This not only led organizations to lose crucial info and incomplete data. This was because many visitors would often times choose to either not fill out the form or simply discard it. As a result, these systems were often unable to accurately track visitors and prospects. However, with an advanced touchless system, you can overcome this glitch area pretty easily wherewith face recognization and scan id card feature, a touchless visitor management system can capture important details of the visitor within seconds.


Cloud-based infrastructure – A cloud-based system ensures that your data is always secure as well as always available to the authenticated person at any time and anywhere. This, on one hand, ensure that you never lose any crucial visitor data and on other hand allows admins to keep a real-time check on the visitors within the premises.

Auto type-in with voice – This feature allows filling up the forms simply by telling the information. As the visitor goes on telling their information, the respective fields get filled. This is one of the very crucial features of a touchless visitor management system.

Face recognition – This helps capture the visitors’ photos upon arrival and also saves their data against their faces for later usage.

Guest pre-authentication – This feature allows pre-authenticating any guest you may be expecting. All it does is that it creates an invite code for the quest and upon scanning in the gate at arrival, they can enter easily without the need to stop and provide data and get verified.

Check-in using QR code – QR is the new norm of the world now. Needless to say, a QR code scanner is also of the utmost system for a visitor management system to go truly touchless.

Smooth integration with other housing society management systems – A housing society may need several other software to operate fully, say accounts managers, billing and payment etc. For a visitor management system to be truly useful and functional should be open enough to get integrated with other software easily such that the management of society is full-proof.

onegate, the visitor management solution from the house of, is a full-fledged visitor and gate management solution for the housing societies and any other gated premises, say schools, office buildings, manufacturing units, etc. The solution includes all the above-mentioned features and more. It comes in two parts, or rather two mobile apps, one called onegate app for the admin and gatekeepers and the second one is oneapp for the members of the premises. While onegate allows admins to set rules and manage staff & the gatekeepers to keep records of the visitors, oneapp allows the members to get notified about their visitors, manage their visitors, and communicate with gatekeepers,  admins, or even the other members. Both the apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store for easy download. You can now claim a free of cost demo of onegate here.

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