Touchless Visitor Management system for societies

Touchless Visitor Management system for societies

The touchless visitor management system is the new way to manage visitors and guests while maintaining all the safety and security of the premises as well as the guests and residents. You must be wondering what is a touchless visitor… Read More


How will you select the best visitor management software for your company? 

In today’s fast and tech-savvy lifestyle, updated technologies like hot-desking, workplace scheduling, visitor management software, meeting room software etc. have become a mandate in life.  Managing visitors is important in order to ensure employees/residents/students or for that matter any stakeholder… Read More

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Working flowchart of ONEGATE as visitor management software

onegate, the premium visitor-cum-gate management solution from the house of oneapp helps to manage the safety and security of the gated premises in an easy-to-operate way.  This full-fledged visitor and gate management solution for the housing societies and any other… Read More