In today’s fast and tech-savvy lifestyle, updated technologies like hot-desking, workplace scheduling, visitor management software, meeting room software etc. have become a mandate in life.  Managing visitors is important in order to ensure employees/residents/students or for that matter any stakeholder inside a gated premise safety from many threatening viruses and other elements. 

A visitor management software keeps a track of who visits a gated premise providing all the necessary details. A visitor management system acts as a virtual visitor log tracking everyone and anyone visiting the premises. It also helps the pre-registered visitors to check in with prior information. 

The visitor management software also keeps a track of the Covid-19 related eligibility of visitors, checking their vaccination status, conducting temperature checks, etc as well as enlisting contact information of visitors in a contactless manner. 

The platform also adheres to building occupancy and capacity limits and helps the facility managers to tackle these issues and stay compliant with policies. It also serves as a self-service tool for registering all the visitor data and delivering valuable insights by sorting, analysing and retrieving the data at any time. And the admins can use these insights for contact tracing, security, or any other purpose.

Let’s look at the features that should be present when you are opting for a visitor management software below:


1. Pre-registering Visitors:

In this post-pandemic era, pre-registering visitors is a necessity to avoid queues at the gate. An apt visitor management software helps your front desk staff with pre-registered visitors list to avoid congestion in the lobby area, reducing unnecessary human interaction and expediting the overall process of check-ins and outs for the visitors as well as the employees. By pre-registering visitors, the visitor management software can also send calendar invites with details of their visit to the host as well as the visitor. 

2. Contactless Check-in:

Most organisations lack contactless technologies on their premises and about 90% of the employees have to touch devices and surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, sign-in kiosks or devices, and access control systems like keypads to enter the office. A deft visitor management software enables contactless processes which can effectively deter the spread of Covid-19 where the employees, customers, contractors, interview candidates and all the other visitors can sign in with a common QR code with the help of their smartphone. Installing touch-free visitor management software is the key to instil a sense of safety and comfort among your employees and visitors when they enter the office premises. 

3. Managing Occupancy Levels:

A visitor management software should also ensure to maintain the rules and guidelines established by the regulatory authorities. The faculty managers should only allow pre-registered visitors to the entire office premises. The visitor management software will notify the concerned departments on the premise to avoid sudden or additional check-ins and overcrowding.

4. Health Screening:

Make sure to conduct health check-ups including regular temperature checks. You must ensure your visitor management solution accommodates contactless temperature detection tools or integrate with thermal scanners across the workplace to prohibit visitors who do not follow the necessary criteria. You can share health care questionnaires with the visitors for detailed information during pre-registration. It is up to the visitor management software to allow or deny permission depending on the overall response. 

5. Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing is a key feature in visitor management software. If a visitor contracts the infection after leaving your office, the organisation will have to track down and quarantine employees who came in contact with the infected visitor. The spaces occupied by the visitors should be emptied, disinfected and isolated for a fixed period of time. Visitor management software will help to actively track your visitor’s activities on the premise and notify the faculty management to take necessary action. 

6. Shareable Data:

The real-time data sheets come in handy with shareable formats and this is where visitor management software plays a vital role as it’s convenient for the visitors to register themselves and helps the admin to register themselves and keep a track of the visitor flow.  Apart from contact tracing, real-time data can be of great use during theft or any other breach of security. 

7. Data Privacy Compliance

Before choosing the right visitor management software, you must ensure it is integrated with the most important aspect of data privacy. Since these are cloud-based visitor logs and can accommodate a huge amount of data, including the visitor and employees’ personal information, time-stamped movements, location data and even your own premises’ plans, you must ensure that the software complies with data storage, residency, and deletion policies across all stages.

Do you think visitor management systems can strengthen the overall security within the gated premises? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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