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Living in co-operative societies originated as a necessity of the people. There was a time, much much before the work-from-home culture was introduced and 2 and 3-tier cities started developing and making career opportunities for its people, the people from the smaller cities and towns used to flock together in big cities in search of job and employment. As a result, space crunch was inevitable. Also, as the cost of living in big cities were higher, affording villas with frontyard – backyard was beyond capacity for majority of the population. Then came the solution of sharing space with others so as to reduce the cost of living and also actually get space to live.

Co-operative living has several advantages, say affordability, shared responsibility, and many more. Read here to know more about advantages of living in housing societies.

Just like there are several advantages of living cooperatively, it also calls in for several responsibilities.


As a resident of a co-operative housing society, some of the important responsibilities one must carry out are:

  • One must pay maintenance bills and other bills, as per case, on time.
  • One must follow society rules and regulations properly as intimated by the society offices time to time.
  • One must be aware of the society bye-laws and make sure to maintain its sanctity through their behaviour and demands.
  • One must make effort to maintain cordial relations with their neigbors.
  • One must attend society meetings and share their views and opinions when asked for the betterment of the society.
  • One must make effort to attend social gatherings, online or offline as arranged, to maintain proper communication.
  • One must ensure to take care of the common areas and amenities and inform management office at once in case of any discrepancy noted.
  • One must maintain their own documents and records of the society related to their unit properly and produce them if required for inspection.
  • One must always park their vehicles in allotted space for vehicles.
  • One must ensure to maintain decorum and report any wrong-doings for peaceful and efficient running of the society.

These are some of the basic responsibilities one must take care of for a harmonious society living. oneapp is here to ensure that as housing society resident you can carry out your duties and responsibilities conveniently, safely and efficiently.


oneapp is a umbrella app that allows you to manage your life conveniently using digital platform. By ‘manage your life’ we mean, the app has multiple functions that allows managing flat in housing societies, managing visitors, arranging meetings, paying utility bills, buying groceries and food and much more. Download the app now to know more.

Here we will specifically discuss about the managing your flat in housing society. 

All the functionalities to manage your flat in housing society comes under the ‘mysociety’ card in the oneapp dashboard. However, you becomes active only if your housing society management subscribe to our backend society management solution which is a paid software service. Please note that even if your housing society is not in oneapp, you can still use the app for paying your bills, buying groceries, medicines, food, pet food, subscribe to tiffin services, arrange meetings over ‘onemeet’ card and also get access to our ‘recipe book’ section.

So, considering that your society is in oneapp and you have downloaded the app already, now you need to register with your phone number or email address. Upon entering the app, in the dashboard find onesociety card. Firstly you need to configure your unit details and get access to your societies digital platform. You will need permit from your society administrator for this.

Once done, you can explore the mysociety section where you can receive and pay your maintenance bills, get receipt, raise complaints, take part in society polls to put in your opinion,  join ongoing group discussions express your views, receives notices and circulars from your society office, etc.

In oneapp, you can also manage your visitors, connect with your with your neighbors, and more. But for that you have to go to another card named as ‘onegate’. Apart from that, onegate also allows to pre-invite guests, raise emergency alarms and seek help and track your domestic helps.

Are you interested in oneapp for your society? You can now claim a free demo of our housing society management solution. Click here to claim.

What do you think should be most important features that needs to be there in a society management system? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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