Water supply bill payment

The availability of clean water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and environment. It is the basis for the majority of our day to day activities, whether it be for drinking, cooking, sanitation, or even recreational activities. It is vital for us to have access to reliable and safe water supplies in order to stay healthy and productive. Water supply plays a key role in any society’s development, both in terms of its industrial capabilities and the quality of life for those living in the area. The availability of clean and safe water ensures that the entire population has access to a vital resource, which can have an overall positive impact on the community.

In India, we are thankful to have access to clean water. The water supply and sanitation sector has developed and improved greatly over the past few decades. To ensure that we get clean and safe water, we have laws in place to prevent the contamination of our water sources and maintenance plan taken up by the government. All we need to do is pay water bills regularly and use water wisely.


Now you can pay water bills online using oneapp

  • Download oneapp. Follow this link for downloading.
  • Once downloaded, you need to register using your mobile number.
  • Upon registration you will reach the dashboard of the app where you can find many cards for different actions.
  • Scroll to onepay, enter by clicking the ‘Pay Bill’ button.
  • You reach another window with several popular services that can be paid online using oneapp.
  • Search and click ‘water’.
  • It will list down all the water suppliers in the country  registered with the app. 
  • Click your service provider’s name.
  • Enter the details in the form and the app will fetch your data from your service provider and allow you to make booking and pay for the same using your preferred digital payment option.


oneapp is not just another bill payment, but it is one app that makes your life easier by allowing you to take care of it on the digital fronts, i.e. almost everywhere where you can make your life comfortable and convenient by using digital media, oneapp facilitates you to do so. Water supply bill payment is one such convenience that oneapp brings for you along with a host of other services like EMI payment, electricity, water, phone bill payments, mobile recharge, fastag payment, LPG booking. It also allows you to connect with your housing society and make rent payments and maintenance bill payment.

How do you pay your water supply bill now? Share in the comments below.

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