oneapp is the one ‘superapp’ to offer you every digital convenience for a comfortable and sorted living. From managing your duties and responsibilities towards the housing society, living to manage your own visitors and home, food ordering, grocery shopping, catching up with friends and family, and even finding recipes for your meals, oneapp does everything in a single app.

Therefore, be your question is :

Need to pay utility bills? Or Need to connect with the society office?

Need to check the visitor’s log to the flat? Or Need to check on the domestic help’s entry?

Need  to talk to neighbors in other wings?  Or Need to video call the family in another city?  

Need to find an easy-peasy recipe for today’s dinner? Or  Need to order food from restaurants?  

Need to order veggies?  Or  Need to refill your cat food? 

Answers to all the questions can be just one, i.e. Go to oneapp.

In this post, we will see how you can use your oneapp optimally. Have you still not downloaded this superapp on your mobile phone? Do it now. Download oneapp.


onemeet: Use onemeet, the premium video conferencing and meeting feature to call an office meeting or a society AGM, call your family or friends. Quick, easy and convenient. As many as 75 people can join in one meeting.

myflat: Use myflat card to connect to your society office, pay society bills, receive notices & circulars and manage all other society responsibilities and communications. 

myvisitor: With myvisitor card, manage your visitors and access the visitors’ log of your flat anytime right on your mobile phone. Invite guests, track domestic helps and connect to the neighbors via intercom.

recipe book: The one place to find recipes and share your own. Find recipes as per your taste, ingredients, bookmark recipes for later referencing. Add your own recipes and share with others. 

market: The most favorite and used section by the oneapp users, the shopping card brings all your requirements right into your mobile phone. Online Grocery shopping, vegetables, pet food, cosmetics, medicines, just feel the need for an item and head straight to oneapp shopping section. Get the list of your neighborhood stores and buy easy and online.

restaurants: The food-lovers paradise, find all your nearby restaurants, cafes and eateries right in the restaurant card in oneapp. Order from them easily and get delivered online. Do you own an eatery? You can list your business in oneapp easily and find your customers where they are.

homestyle food: Find the tiffin services catering to your area, subscribe easily or order an one-time meal, pay digitally and get your meals delivered to your doorsteps. If you own a tiffin service business, get it listed today in oneapp and reach your customers more easily.


As a company, we do follow some ethics such that we follow a righteous path while serving our customers. We do not indulge in Data Trading. We understand the importance with which we are entrusted with such a huge amount of data by our users. We will never indulge into any dealing that requires compromising the information and hence your trust. We are absolutely against any hidden revenue generation with our user’s data.

We strictly follow a 3-layered data security model to offer our users maximum protection and safeguard against any data compromise. 

Layer 1 – Each society, retail store, restaurant, business database is isolated from others.

Layer 2 – Privacy protection at admin level.

Layer 3 – Each user gets individual privacy control.

So, welcome to oneapp, the one place for all the benefits of a digital lifestyle.

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