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Ever since I got my senses, I have never ever seen prices of things come down, but it goes up at every drop of a hat. While speciality items getting pricier is acceptable, prices of bare essentials going up every 2-3 months is really plaguing. Ever since the global Pandemic broke out, the cost of groceries and food items have been on rise. But what option is left with us if not accepted? However, I would not give it a total negative marking, as with this worldwide crisis, some good changes also happened. I want to count the emergence and massive success of the Grocery Shopping Apps in India as one of them. With the grocery apps coming up, shopping for groceries became easier, convenient and also comfortable. Not only that, some of the Best Grocery Apps in India can also save you much money if used properly.


Saving money in grocery shopping depends on the amount you are buying and places you are buying from. Online Grocery Apps are one of the best places where you can save a significant amount on each shopping. But how do online stores afford to give discounts? Firstly, as they conduct their business online, they save much on the display store and its administrative cost and secondly, there are apps that procure items from the local vendors and farmers and cut down on the transport cost which they can offer the buyers as discounts.

oneapp, one of the Best Online Grocery Shopping Apps India, allows its users to find and shop from their local stores, but online. This way, one can enjoy the convenience of the online shopping and avoid hassles of going out to shop and carry heavy bags, at the same time patronize their local business and contribute their bit to strengthen the local economy, which is the one sustainable way to survive in face of global economic crisis as always proved well by the pandemic.


There are some tips that can help you save much on your monthly grocery when shopping from the Best Online Grocery Shopping App in India

1.Look out for the grocery reward points:

Some of the Best Grocery Apps in India offer certain grocery rewards points. These reward points are redeemable while paying your bills. Make good use of them. 

2.Loyalty programs:

Most Online Grocery Stores offer free loyalty programs and you can sign in to get benefited with services like members only discounts that get deducted automatically at checkouts with clipping coupons. 

3.Join wholesale clubs:

Join wholesale clubs which can help you with greater discounts and deals when buying in bulk quantities. If you live in a joint family or have many members in your family, buying in bulk at discounted or wholesale rates will help you save money. 

4.Make a list and stick to it:

Making a list of requirements before diving into shopping can actually help you save a lot of money. Shopping without a list most of the times lead to extra buying, over buying and buying of unnecessary items. Steer clear of this. oneapp, one of the Best Grocery Shopping Apps in India, allows you to make a list and buy from your list directly and from multiple stores.

5.Buy products on sale: 

Online supermarkets have deals and offers every now and then to help their customers save on everything, be it milk or eggs or sweets, cookies and ice creams etc. Try to grab things that are on sale whenever possible.  Sale items are usually  displayed at the head of the app or in a special discount section, make sure to check the places.

6.Avoid processed and pre-packed items: 

Pre-cut veggies and processed meats tend to be expensive. Opt for fresh vegetables and meat to save money. 

7. Buy generic brands: 

Look out for the store-specific generic brands which are cheaper, often local produce and are of the same quality. Buy a generic brand and save money. 

Do you have any more tips in your kitty that can make our shopping experience from the Online Grocery Apps in India more inexpensive and worthy? Share with us in the comments.

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