Cooperative Housing Society Funds

Reserve fund is a vital aspect of responsible financial management for a cooperative housing society. It ensures the society’s ability to maintain its assets, provides financial security, and enhances the overall living experience for its members.


Future Maintenance and Repairs: Common areas and facilities in a housing society, such as elevators, common rooms, parking lots, roofs, and exteriors, require regular maintenance and repairs over time. The reserve fund ensures that there is sufficient money available to cover these expenses, so the society can maintain its infrastructure in good condition and avoid the need for sudden special assessments or loans.

Unforeseen Expenses: Emergencies can arise unexpectedly, such as damage caused by natural disasters or unexpected failures in essential systems. Having a reserve fund allows the housing society to address these unforeseen expenses without disrupting the day-to-day operations or causing financial strain to its members.

Long-Term Planning: The reserve fund enables the housing society to plan for long-term capital expenses and replacements. For example, if the society knows that certain major assets, like elevators or water tanks, will need replacement after a certain number of years, they can save up for these replacements in advance.

Financial Stability: A well-funded reserve fund contributes to the overall financial stability of the housing society. It provides a buffer against financial uncertainties and ensures the society’s ability to maintain its services and amenities, even during challenging economic times.

Maintaining Property Value: A well-maintained and adequately funded housing society is likely to maintain or even increase property values over time. This is beneficial to all members as it safeguards their investments in the property.

Financial Independence: A reserve fund helps the housing society become financially independent and less reliant on external borrowing to cover expenses. This financial autonomy can lead to better financial planning and management.

As per Cooperative housing society bye-law no. 12(a), the Reserve Fund of a housing society shall comprise of —

  • all entrance fees received by the Society from its Members
  • all transfer fees received by the Society from its Members on transfers of the shares, along with the occupancy rights
  • all premium received by the Society from its Members on transfers of their interest in the capital or property of the Society
  • the amounts carried to the said fund, from year to year, out of the net profit / surplus of that year
  • all donations received by the Society, except those received by it for the specific purpose

The establishment and maintenance of a reserve fund are paramount for the long-term sustainability and prosperity of a housing society. This financial reservoir plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of its members, ensuring the proper upkeep of common areas, and preparing for unforeseen expenses that might arise in the future.

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