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As Per the Bye-Laws, Which are the Places where a Housing Society Can Invest their Funds?

In the bustling landscape of urban living, housing societies stand as beacons of collective unity, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Behind the scenes of harmonious living lies a critical aspect that often remains unexplored—the judicious investment of… Read More

Cooperative Housing Society Funds

How The Reserve Fund For a Housing Society Created?

Reserve fund is a vital aspect of responsible financial management for a cooperative housing society. It ensures the society’s ability to maintain its assets, provides financial security, and enhances the overall living experience for its members. WHY RESERVE FUND IS… Read More

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What are the modes by which a housing society in India can raise funds?

Cooperative housing societies in India need to raise funds to fulfill various financial requirements and effectively manage the functioning and maintenance of the society. These funds are necessary for routine maintenance and repairs of common areas, infrastructure, and amenities. Additionally,… Read More