oneapp introduced onebook for better personal expense management

oneapp introduces onebook for better personal expense management!

Personal expense management refers to the process of tracking, organizing, and controlling one’s personal finances. It involves monitoring and analyzing income, expenses, savings, and investments to achieve financial goals and maintain a healthy financial situation. In this fast-paced world, where… Read More


What is the Procedure of Changing the Name of a Housing Society As Per the Bye-Laws?

In Maharashtra, housing societies are governed by the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960, and the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rules, 1961. The Act and Rules provide a framework for the functioning of cooperative societies, including housing societies. The procedure of changing… Read More

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How to Groom a Pet at Home?

Grooming your pet is an essential part of pet care. Regular grooming helps to maintain your pet’s health by preventing skin problems such as matting and tangles that can lead to skin irritations, as well as identifying any skin infections,… Read More