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Loans are an integral part of today’s world. Today these loans help us achieve many important life goals. Be it a car or a home or a phone or huge investment for a business or children education – all can be availed with the help of loans. With the word loan comes the term EMI, i.e. Equated Monthly Installment. With easy and simple monthly payments to a lender, anyone can opt for loans to fulfill desires and needs. Oneapp is the Best EMI Payment App in the world.

You can now Pay Your Loan EMI with oneapp. Make sure to read till the end to know how. By the time you may download oneapp if you haven’t already from here.


EMIs have 3 different factors – the principal amount, the interest and the tenure, i.e., the period of time. Initially the interest amount is higher than the principal amount. As the loan tenure moves on to closure, the principal amount increases and the interest decreases. 


The 3 major factors that affect EMIs are –

  • Principal Amount (Loan) :

It is the main amount that you borrowed. It is the deciding factor for your EMI. The higher the loan amount, the bigger the EMI. 

  • Interest Rate :

EMIs are directly proportionate to the interest rate. Lenders calculate the interest based on various factors namely, your income, repayment capacity, credit score and present market situation. 

  • Tenure :

Longer the tenure, it means shorter the EMIs and big EMIs mean shorter tenure usually. 


A simple basic mathematical formula to calculate EMI is –

EMI = P × r × (l + r)n/{(l + r)n – l}, where,

P = Principal Loan Amount, 

r = Rate of Interest, 

n = Tenure in number of months. 


oneapp is literally one of the apps that make your life easier by allowing you to take care of it on the digital fronts, i.e. almost everywhere where you can make your life comfortable and convenient by using digital media, oneapp facilitates you to do so. 

Paying your monthly EMI and on time is one such thing in life which you can take care of by using digital medium and yes you can Best Online EMI Payment App. But how? Keep reading

  • Once you have downloaded oneapp (You can download it now from here), you need to register using your mobile number.
  • Upon registration you will reach the dashboard of the app where you can find many cards for different actions.
  • Scroll to onepay, enter by clicking the ‘Pay Bill’ button.
  • You reach another window with several popular services that can be paid online using oneapp.
  • Search and click EMI payments.
  • It will list down several of the loan providers. Search your loan provider’s name and click.
  • Enter your loan account number. It will fetch all your loan data, EMI amount and due date.
  • Now click the pay button and pay using your preferred digital payment option.

I will see you soon with another EMI related article soon. Till then, stay tuned to the space.

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