Cooperative housing societies

Cooperative housing societies in India play a pivotal role in providing housing solutions to citizens across the nation. Governed by specific bye-laws and regulations, these societies ensure a structured framework for membership eligibility. Understanding who is eligible to seek membership in a cooperative housing society, as per the housing society by-laws in India, is essential for individuals aspiring to become a part of these cooperative communities. This article delves into the key eligibility criteria outlined by the housing society bye-laws, shedding light on the prerequisites for membership and the significance of compliance with established regulations.


As per the Model By–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society, Bye-Law No. 19 (a), an individual or applicant seeking membership in the society and fulfilling the eligibility criteria may be admitted as a member by the Committee upon satisfying the following conditions:

i. The applicant has fully subscribed to the value of at least ten shares of the Society and has submitted this amount along with the Membership Application.

ii. The applicant has paid the Entrance Fee of Rs. 100/-, along with the Membership Application.

iii. The applicant has submitted the application as per the prescribed format, providing details regarding any house, plot, or flat owned by them or any family member within the society’s operational area.

iv. The applicant has submitted an undertaking, in the prescribed form, committing to use the flat/unit for its intended purpose.

v. The applicant has provided an undertaking, in the prescribed form, confirming the absence of an independent source of income.

vi. The applicant has submitted a certified copy of the agreement, duly stamped and registered, entered into with the Promoter Builder or Transferor under Section 4 of the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, along with the application for Membership.

vii. The applicant has furnished additional undertakings/declarations, in prescribed forms as required by the prevailing laws and the society’s bye-laws, along with the Membership Application.

viii. In the case of Societies registered under the jurisdiction of special planning authorities such as CIDCO, MHADA, SRA, MMRDA, etc., the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria as per the provisions of the respective Act and comply with the directives of the Government and the Planning Authorities, if applicable.

Cooperative housing societies in India operate within a legal framework defined by bye-laws that govern membership eligibility. The criteria encompass factors such as residency, financial stability, legal compliance, and adherence to prescribed procedures. By adhering to these stipulations, prospective members contribute to the orderly growth and functioning of cooperative housing societies, ensuring a harmonious living environment and promoting the collective spirit of community living. Understanding and abiding by these bye-laws is fundamental for individuals seeking to be an integral part of these cooperative endeavors, fostering a sense of cooperation and shared responsibility within the realm of housing societies across the country.

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