Coconut Herb Rice Recipe

Coconut Herb Rice Recipe

The magic of devouring freshly made coconut herb rice with sides of your choice on a hot summer afternoon is priceless. Let’s learn to make this simple yet flavourful dish by following these simple steps below. However, if you are… Read More

Best Online Grocery App in India

Best Online Grocery Shopping App in India

Ever since I got my senses, I have never ever seen prices of things come down, but it goes up at every drop of a hat. While speciality items getting pricier is acceptable, prices of bare essentials going up every… Read More

est online shopping app in india

Electronic Checks as Payment Option in Online Shopping App in India

Online shopping is the most happening trend in the Indian market at present. Almost every alternate day, an online shopping app is introduced in the market. Online shopping apps in India have brought about a lot of change in the… Read More

Buy FASTag Online for Instant Toll Payments

Buy FASTag Online for Instant Toll Payments

Now you no longer need to wait in the long queue in the toll plaza to pay and pass through, and all thanks to FASTag. You must have already learnt about FASTag by now, but in case you aren’t or… Read More

Online Grocery Shopping App

Start an Online Grocery Business in Low Budget

The online grocery business is ruling the current market. They were a big hit during the lockdown and earned millions delivering varied products, like oils, cereals, pulses, pantry, meat, and dairy products. Previously, most of us relied on brick n… Read More

Buy Online Green Tea in India

Tea Recipes From Different Part of Country

Drinking tea acts as a stressbuster for many and has been proven to refresh your mind and body. Tea happens to be an integral part of every country, especially India. But did you know, our humble tea can be made… Read More

Pay Maintenance Bill Online in Mumbai

Pay Maintenance Bill Online in Mumbai

Paying our bills on time is one of our basic civic responsibilities. Paying bill on time ensures that our service providers doesn’t have to face issues and compromise on the service they are providing us. Often time, I come across… Read More

Black Pepper

10 Interesting Facts About Black Peppercorns

Pepper is a commonly used ingredient in almost every household and restaurants all over the world. Black peppercorns has its mention even in the ancient Ayurveda and are known to posses multiple health benefits. In today’s article we will try… Read More

order raw mangoes online

Order Raw Mango Online for Exotic Aam Pora Sherbat

Raw mangoes are packed with health benefits. Apart from being really tangy and tasty, they are known to prevent diabetes, boost immunity, support heart and digestive health, improve vision and also support weight loss journey.  Now you can order raw… Read More

Pay Society Bills Online

How oneapp helps in managing your society affairs

Living in co-operative societies originated as a necessity of the people. There was a time, much much before the work-from-home culture was introduced and 2 and 3-tier cities started developing and making career opportunities for its people, the people from… Read More